You know Apple is about to launch a new product when spy photos of the device start surfacing in bunches. Last week 9to5Mac posted a blurry snapshot of a purposed iPhone 5 in the wild, but most folks wrote it off as a 3GS.

Today, MacRumors posted another foggy photo of what could be Apple’s next smartphone. The image depicts a device that seems to match up with some of the rumors we’ve heard regarding the iPhone 5’s design, and is believed to have been taken in the office of a French carrier…

A lot of the information we’ve been hearing about the next iPhone suggests that it will look very similar to its predecessor. I’m not just talking one or two rumors, but several of them. This particular device looks like the iPhone 4, but with a  slimmer profile and a seemingly larger display.

The photo was originally posted in a MacRumors iPhone forum with the following text:

“iPhone 5 : the first picture !!! Picture taken yesterday in the office of a French operator. Believe it or not… Cheers”

The fact that it’s in the hands of a wireless provider would actually make sense, considering all of the recent reports we’ve been hearing that Apple has sent iPhone 5 units out to carriers for testing.

It’s important to note thought that this is the first time that this member has posted to the site, so there’s no credibility. Also, these “spy shots” have a tendency to be photoshopped and fake, but we’d be remiss not to post one. Here’s hoping that this one isn’t too far off from the real thing.

What do you think?

  • Sean

    Hopefully thats it, I like that.



  • ipawan

    How come the screen be so small in size,,,,,,,, i don’t thing this is the real one.
    SO no no this is not apple ..

  • yo

    Everyday there another iPhone 5 pic in here

    • David

      And? What where you expecting lolcatz?

  • ipawan

    also previous rumour suggests that the volume switch is in the opposite side of the mute switch.

  • T0bi

    @FROMAM2PM: why is it to long??! the iphone 4 is not much longer than a finger and that one on the picture is not longer than the finger in the picture…

    it looks really good i think…hopefully thats the new one!

    • Shannon

      It just looks like the person’s index finger is way longer than the pinky finger. Lol. It looks weird to me too.

    • Shannon

      His ring finger, I mean.

  • Jeff

    Another fake and gay post from iDB… What a surprise. You would think that if someone was going to leak a photo of an unreleased iPhone they’d use a camera with more than 1 megapixel and take shots from multiple angles. Of course, this is fake which is why they didn’t….

    • Capt. Obvious

      If you dont like it, why are you still on here?

    • Josh Lee

      Yes, because we all have good quality cameras and have time to take multiple photos the split second that the phone is out of the pocket before it goes right back in, right?

      • Dale

        Yes, we do. It’s 2011. Unless you’re homeless you have at least a 3mp camera. And why would it go right back into his pocket?

  • sk@tta

    This is obviously fake!. Why wud the picture quality be so low. There arnt many 1MP cameras left in the world.

    And its true… the guy’s index finger is way longer than the other fingers

    • Josh Lee

      That’s not his index finger. It’s his ring finger. And his fingers are pretty proportional to mine.

  • Andrew

    Why, pray tell, does every single leaked picture of an iDevice such terrible quality?

    Like sk@tta says, that’s practically the give away these days, if the picture quality is terrible, it’s probably fake.

  • Chris

    Why is everything blurry but the phone? you wouldn’t tilt shift a leak pic. I don’t personally think it’s legit.

  • James

    If that’s not fake then that guy has a finger like Pinocchio’s nose.

  • The hands couldn’t be any more blury!

  • As aforementioned in the post, the image above is likely fake. It certainly seems photoshopped.
    But to answer the questions of why leaked photos are always so blurry is easy — they’re leaks.

    No one gets the opportunity to setup a backdrop and ensure proper lighting with a secretive product like the iPhone 5. No, you snap a picture in a dark room or under a table, something incognito that won’t automatically get you fired or worse.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Hybrid13

    Yeah you can clearly see the pixelation in the fingers but the phone is not.

  • Kurt

    everything but the phone is pixelated so absolutely it is photoshopped but that does NOT mean its faked. he is obviously trying to disguise his features of his hands since he is paranoid. so i assume thats why he also stretched out his fingers to further disguise his hands.

    i have to say, by closely looking at the phone itself. i say its real..i’m not sure if its a 4 inch screen but i’m hopeful!

  • jerry

    that picture is fake. why would their but such a HUGE gap between the ear piece and the screen? and also the home button.

  • My name

    That actually looks pretty legit. I don’t think that’s it but possible a prototype?

  • looks like the iphone 4 to me

    • Thiago

      I completely agree with you it’s an iPhone 4 flatted with photoshop

  • me

    the hands are pixelated, the iphone is not. also it’d be pretty difficult to fit anything in that thing. the display alone would take up all the internal space below the actual screen, leaving almost nothing for the logic board

  • I agree it looks kinda fake, but at least it looks thinner
    and where is the sim tray?

  • MrA

    And macrumors has an update that it’s a fake

  • Arun

    I think, It’s a concept 3D model of iPhone 5 wihich is cleverly mixed with that blur background picture.

  • Arun

    I think, It’s a concept 3D model of iPhone 5 wihich is cleverly mixed with that blur background picture. That’s why there is appearing pixel blur on the background picture (fingers) but the iPhone has not the pixel blur, is this possible?? if it was a original picture??

  • Bs