Today, Google updated its mobile web app to fully support Apple’s Retina Display, bringing a crisper experience to those of us who use the web app in order to get full support for certain Gmail features, like labels.

The update, which is live for everyone right now, also adds an iOS feature that now seems to be synonymous with the platform: pull to refresh…

“On the mobile team, we strive to produce web apps which look and feel just like installed apps. In the past few weeks, we’ve released a number of features which make Gmail for mobile look sharper and feel smoother.”

New, high-resolution icons, improved transitions, and the aforementioned refresh feature all help to make feel and act just like a native application.

Gmail integration and a proper, fully-featured app have long been major pluses for Google’s Android, with many Gmail stalwarts citing a lack of a Gmail app on iOS as the sole reason for them deciding on phones running Android.

While this web app update might not be enough to persuade those users to jump ship, it’s most certainly an improvement over the old version.

Still, a proper app would be nice, Google.

How do you access your Gmail?

  • Chris12923

    Thanks for the heads up and It’s about time. Like you I hope they release an actual app sometime in the near future.

  • Igor Sela

    I access my gmail with exchange configuration and it works flawless.

  • mail app with exchange!

  • I use exchange BUT the deleting of mail concerns me. It just archives them and wastes my space.

    • Leon

      I use Gmail in the Mail app and I change the settings from Archive to Delete…

      Is possible to do that on Exchange??

      I don’t like Archive either.

  • Leon

    Pretty cool, also has the swipe to left delete option, well actually is the Archive function. I wonder if it has “Delete” instead of “Archive”… hmmm

    Meanwhile, I’m happy with Mail app, but hopefully in iOS5 the Mail App get Gmail Labels… or it has it already??


  • Angel

    The pull to refresh is presebt in the web app for a while

  • Massie

    I’m mostly via Exchange, but still use the web app so I can use my “Send As” addresses, something the native mail app still doesn’t allow—even if the received email was sent to one of those addresses in the first place.

  • Jacob

    If the reason googles customers aren’t leaving them is a lack of gmail app on the iPhone, why would google make a gmail app for the iPhone?

  • Wish I have an iPhone 4 as the Retina Display on my friend’s devices look awesome (: