It’s no secret that posting a purposed “spy shot” of Apple’s upcoming smartphone will bring all of the skeptics out of the woodwork. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the photos have a tendency to be a little on the fake side.

Advances in image-editing software have made producing a realistic-looking “leaked photo” extremely easy. How easy? Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo made the above image in under 10 minutes…

Not only did the tech blog draw up an impressive graphic of a slimmed-down iPhone, they were also able to track down the origin of the “iPhone 5” photo that was supposedly snapped in the office of a French operator.

Look familiar? The image that was posted by the MacRumors forum member this morning was actually tweeted by Robin P yesterday. Wondering what the accompanying French text means?  “A picture like this could drive some sites crazy.”

That doesn’t necessarily confirm or deny the photo’s legitimacy, but you can draw your own conclusions. At any rate, the photo makes for an interesting conversation piece. Will the next iPhone look like this, or more like the clone that recently surfaced?

What do you think?

  • Ethan

    In my opinion, this photoshop (maybe) iphone still look much better than the iClone a thousand times.

    • Keelan

      I agree

  • Gssangha

    clearly a fake…. in the background every thing is king of pixelised but the iphone is clear
    and why is the guy balancing it on his hand

    • Prudence

      Your a idiot

      • Selcuk

        “You’re an idiot” Prudence. I love it when someone tries to correct someone and fails.

    • Why the hell is he an idiot? He’s right, the iPhone itself is clear and what’s around it is pixelated. It’s a rudimentary way to determine photoshop and usually isn’t discernible but here it’s obvious.

  • Philip

    Und zu dem Wäre es schon längst runter gefallen so wie der das hält


    • iCrapped

      Sebastien? This is Cody’s post and there is no error.

  • Abc

    The second pic is fake. The guy who made it said so himself