For those who aren’t familiar with the event, the Pwnie Awards is an annual awards show celebrating failures and achievements in the security community. This year’s ceremony took place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the BlackHat security conference.

All together there were 9 awards handed out, and it probably won’t surprise you that a certain iDevice hacker took home one of them. As a matter of fact, 2 well known members of the jailbreak community ended up taking home Pwnies…

It’s not hard to believe that the 19-year old Comex took the award for the Best Client-Side Bug with his JailbreakMe PDF exploit. After all, the tool is attributed with jailbreaking over a million iDevices, and exposing an extremely dangerous security flaw in iOS.

“Comex exploited a vulnerability in the interpreter for Type 1 font programs in the FreeType library used by Mobile Safari. This exploit is a great example of programming a weird machine to exploit a modern system. Comex used his control over the interpreter to construct a highly sophisticated ROP payload at runtime and bypass the ASLR protection in iOS.”

There was also a Best Song category, and believe it or not,  GeoHot took home the gold. His Light it Up Contest video, which the hacker made in response to his legal battles with Sony, won the Pwnie for the best hacker-written ballad. In other news, Sony took home the Most Epic FAIL award.

As easy as it is these days for us to jailbreak our devices, it’s easy to forget how hard others work to make it possible. It’s very nice to see Comex rewarded for his efforts. And GeoHot? Well, I suppose he deserved his Pwnie too. His rap was pretty entertaining.

What do you think?

  • Vitica7

    Congrats to @Comex, if it wasn’t for you…my iPad2 still sucks

    • Twited21

      I got news for you it still dose lol

      • anthonyappleguy

        I disagree heavily with your statement.

      • James

        That educated comment coming from someone who can’t even spell the word DOES. exactly what tablet on the market is better than the iPad2, none is the answer and that’s not a personal answer, that’s an informed answer based on reports and statistics but your response makes me think you’re an un-educated, illiterate Android user.

  • Lol what’s with the conflict here. Some people have more use for an android tablet vs an iPad. Everyone has their own perspective and views, there is pros and cons on both. For my use the iPad works best, I know a couple people who based on what they do couldn’t use the iPad and they own a xoom. That’s fine. Respect it.

    • JJ

      Agreed. It’s really a user preference. But there are some key differences that help make that choice…
      Ex. usb ports, additional memory, screen size, oh and flash…

      I personally bought the iPad but I would much prefer an Android.. – if I could place Android on my iPad that would be h0t!

  • Fras

    Congrats to geohot….. And comex 🙂

  • Li

    Hahaha geohotz is awesome hahaha