If you are currently jailbroken on iOS 4.3.5, we have some bad news. There is going to be no untethered jailbreak until iOS 5 is released. This is because the various jailbreak teams are saving their exploits for iOS 5. They could release an untethered jailbreak right now, but then it would take longer to find an exploit for iOS 5…

It would be a smart move for jailbreak devs to wait because Apple doesn’t know what to patch, and, if released now, an untethered exploit would not work on iOS 5. Along with that, a tethered Apple A5 jailbreak is also being worked on. This is a bootrom exploit, meaning that this can’t be patched. This is also being saved so that when the iPhone 5 releases, it can be jailbroken quickly.

Are you excited for an iPhone 5/iPad 2 bootrom exploit? Remember, iOS 5 is set to debut in the September timeframe. The iPhone 5 is expected to come out during September, too.

  • Angelo

    So everyone should have saved his ssh blobs already. And so it should also be ok for the devs to say “Let´s wait untill iOS5 or even until an iPhone 5 for an bootrom exploit” without a bad conscience. Also i think if some one does not have his shh blobs or did a jailbreak on 4.3.3 this person is probably so new to the scene that on this state it should not hurt to much having no jailbreak.

    • Chris

      What the hell does any of that mean lol

      • Angelo

        So i guess you are one of the persons mentioned in my comment. If you don´t know about shh blobs you should read trough a few tutorials in order to get the idea.

      • K

        Chris and the rest of us have no idea what what message you are trying to convey….we all know what saving shsh is, we just dont get ya message cos it doesn’t make any sense….bad grammar my friend!!!

      • Angelo

        Just wanna tell that i think waiting is ok..

      • Jon Garrett

        It means “aren’t you sick and tired of playing the cat and mouse jailbreak game with apple” and you just want a phone that you can use the way YOU want to and not the way you’re told.

      • Mike

        @ Jon Garrett .. not really no, how exactly does it really affect the people who buy the phones, if there isn’t a jailbreak for the newest firmware, you don’t update .. Why do people make out it’s such a problem, maybe for the idiots who update all the time and are then left without a jailbreak it is but tbh if you are stupid enough to “accidentaly” update then you don’t deserve a jailbreak .. as for the rest of us it’s no problem, we just stay on 4.3.3 untethered and will wait until ios 5 gets an untethered, why is that such a problem !!!

    • It’s called an SHSH blob

      • Angelo

        Its obviously not my day.

      • Cameron

        Lay off Angelo, he’s just saying that waiting is ok!

    • LT

      Dude, wtf are u trying to say?????? I’ve read it over and over and just don’t comprehend. Just get off this blog my friend. U are confusing the shit out of me!

  • Tony


  • This is normal.

  • Saltb0x

    this is obvious….

  • MALdito

    Patience is a virtue. Besides,This news is exciting because it sounds like there are a lot of good possibilities just around the corner. I’m looking forward to seeing what the jailbreak teams come up with!

  • James

    Good! The dev team needs a break!

    • ic0edx

      You’re so supportive, you should give them all a BJ.

      • James

        Oh my, how original! ic0edx your humor is a breath of fresh air!

        Ass Face!

  • juan

    how is this “bad news”? did I miss something?

  • You guys are a group of smart cookies.

  • ic0edx

    SHSH Blobs don’t work past iOS 5 Beta 4. The only resason you can downgrad from iOS 5 Beta us because Apple is still seining 4.3.5. Where did you guys here from that the Devs are working on a boothrom exploit for the A5 chip.

  • Cliff

    Is there a untethered jailbreak for Verizon’s 4.2.10

    • SimonOrJ

      If you saved SHSH on iOS 4.2.8, then downgrade it to 4.2.8 and use JailbreakMe.com.
      Or, if you didn’t save SHSH on 4.2.8, you can research on downgrading your iPhone (which is most likely impossible…)

      I’m not familiar with SHSH, so can somebody else reply about downgrading? I “also” have a question about “What if I upgraded my iPod Touch by accident.”

      • Mike

        If you don’t have shsh saved then there is NO way to downgrade unless Apple are still signing the firmware you want to go back to which only happens for a matter of days after the newest firmware comes out .. As for accidentaly updating, how is that even possible dude, it tells you there is a newer update and asks do you want to update, how can you “accidentaly” press ok lol, never ceases to amaze me.

  • Bryce

    The worst part is that I never updated to 4.3.3 so im still on 4.2.1 and now I physically cannot upgrade to 4.3.3 to keep an untethered jailbreak until ios5 comes out and a feasible exploit is found..

    • Mike

      If you’d saved your shsh for 4.3.3 you could, I have mine from 4.2.1 right through to 4.3.5 so I can install any I wish.

  • Aaron

    This isn’t news. This non-release happens after every minor firmware update.

  • un4qiv3n

    I follow all the devs on twitter not one mention of a IOS 5 untethered JailBreak nor a A5 Chip bootrom exploit i have no idea where this website got its info from but its most likely flase

  • stfudvs

    what’s the source for A5 bottom exploit testing?

    also shsh downgrade is currently not available, once ios5 is out of beta u may not be able to downgrade for a long time

  • Joe

    tethered jailbreak means u have to re jailbreak it every time u turn it off the device right? what about if u respring the device? do u have jailbreak it again for a respring?

    • SimonOrJ

      In tethered jailbreak, you DON’T need to jailbreak your iPhone everytime. In tethered jailbreak (Redsn0w for example), you’ll have to connect to your computer, open redsn0w, UNCHECK ALL CHECKBOXES and CHECK “boot tethered jailbreak now” (or something like that) CHECKBOX, and stuff to activate Jailbreak every time you want to restart or turn on your iPhone. I’m not perfectly sure, but [I think] you don’t have to connect your iDevice to the computer when you want to respring it.

      • Joe

        Thanks 4 the reply. If I’m on 4.3.5 and I use a tethered jailbreak if I respring my iPhone do I have to jailbreak it again or only if I turn it off and on?

      • Telejeesus

        No need to connect to computer when you resping. At least when I had iPhone 4 iOS 4.2.1 tethered redsn0w JB.

  • Joe


  • Heri

    Can anyone assist me with this?

    I was left with no choice but to restore to 4.3.5 last night. My iPhone hang on the greenpoison loading screen. I wanna jailbreak it back so badly 🙁
    Is there a way to do it or must I downgrade my firmware?

  • expl0itfinder

    yes there is but it is quite tricky. do you have saved shsh? (firmware editions saved via tinyumbrella, ifaith.)

  • ruthless

    this time its taking much longer time than before.. they used to untethered jailbreak ios firmwares much quicker than this. are they failed this time???