A new rumor claims that Pegatron will begin shipping an order of 10 million iPhone 5 units in September. This order would place Pegatron as Apple’s second design manufacturer, and would match recent rumors of iPhone 5 production beginning overseas.

This report is similar to other claims that Apple will begin shipping its next iPhone in September. The most recent rumor counters a September timeframe for Apple’s announcement with an expected October release. However, a September date still seems to make more sense for an expected iPhone 5 announcement.

“Pegatron Technology has landed orders for 10 million units of iPhone 5 to become the second ODM of the smartphone. Shipments will start in September, according to industry sources.”

A recent report turned the rumor mill on its head with an October date for Apple’s next iPhone. The odds of an October release still seem slim, as the evidence continues to point towards a September timeframe.

iPhone 3GS supplies have begun to tighten alongside retail iPhone 4 discounts. The iPhone 5 refresh is expected to be “bigger than expected,” and it is even speculated that disguised units have been sent to carriers for testing.

Whether Apple announces the next iPhone in September or October, production for the device will have begin very soon.

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