I have to admit, Apple’s iCloud service is pretty cool. Deep iOS integration, a cool web portal, and 5GB of free space. But what if you need more than just 5GB of cloud storage? The next step up is 10GB, and that’ll run you $20 a year.

The plans go all the way up to $100 a year for 50GB (55GB with your free 5GB). That might seem like a lot for file storage, but it’s on par with the competition. In fact, iCloud beats out the popular DropBox service in the bang-for-your-buck category…

In wake of iCloud.com’s beta launch on Monday night, MacStories has drawn up a nice little comparison between Apple’s cloud storage service and its major competitors. The report compares prices and usability between iCloud, DropBox, and SugarSync.

As you can see, Apple’s iCloud service beats DropBox in price per GB, although SugarSync wins the category. You’ll also notice that both SugarSync and iCloud offer more initial free space than the widely-used DropBox.

Now, onto usability. To be honest, all 3 services are easy to use — they’re just different. While DropBox and SugarSync use typical filesystems, iCloud hides all of that in favor of a friendlier graphic-based interface.

So which service will be top dog? Obviously, with system-level integration in OS X Lion and iOS 5, iCloud is an attractive option for Mac users. But as with all things Apple, some folks may not like iCloud’s limitations (ex: no drag-and-drop option).

What do you think? Which cloud service do currently you use, and would you switch to iCloud?

  • I’m keeping my SugarSync account, it offer more then just file services. It can stream music, sync over multiple devices (android, mac, pc & w7) and it has backup features.
    These are functions that Dropbox & iCloud are lacking

    • iCrapped

      Lol, iCloud does have online backups and it does stream music.

  • Chuck

    Is this only a comparison of those offering an entry level free service? Why not include companies like Carbonite and Amazon?

  • -duh-

    feel free to delete this comment but you made a mistake “Which cloud service do currently you use”… just looking out

  • G

    I have 19.25 GB free storage on dropbox. So it ownz apple.

    • blockman

      sounds like dropbox owns you, and all the people that you got to sign up.

      • G

        I invited myself

  • Thx for doing our homework for us! 😛

  • callum

    I use ubuntu one and get 5GB free storage

  • Dane

    Microsoft Live Skydrive gives you 25gb free. It will auto store photos and files from windows phone 7. It works on PC, Mac and is getting Xbox 360 support. And it has a very nice drag and drop on top of the auto sync. It would be nice if they added iOS support

  • Cloud will require that your computer is running Lion OS, and many of the software programs that people use for their businesses are not compatible with Lion, so this will be a major hangup.

    • Bravo.Whisky

      I don’t know where you pulled your initial statement fact from, but that sounds way off.

    • Kikaida

      How did you change your avatar?

  • steve jobs is fucking crazy

  • whtlime

    Just a note. When you purchase storage, the amount you purchase is your total, not what you purchased plus what you already had for free.

    E.G. If you sign up for a dropbox account and receive 2 free gb, then you decide to upgrade your storage to 50 gb, you now have 50gb per month, not 52.

    The calculations on the chart are not to scale.