People’s Liberation Army (PLA), aka the unified military organization of China, has been under scrutiny for the past few years for being the second largest military in the world in terms of budget, right behind the US.

To relieve stress from neighboring countries and also the rest of the world, the PLA thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be more transparent about its military capabilities and intentions, and so they decided to create an iPhone application.

This news itself is interesting, but maybe the most interesting part is that the app will not be available on the App Store. It will only be available on jailbroken devices

According to the South China Morning Post:

“But there’s a catch: the new app is not available at the official Apple Store. Users who download the PLA app will have to “jailbreak” their iPhone – hack into the operating system – before installing it.

While many government organisations around the world have released iPhone apps, it is almost unheard of for a government organisation to provide “jailbreak-only” software to the public.”

At this time, it’s unclear whether the app was ever sent to Apple for inclusion in the App Store. Maybe it just got rejected? Or maybe it was never submitted to Apple?

Apparently, you can find instructions on how to download this application on the Defense Ministry website. I assume that you will have to add a specific repo and download the app from there.

Would you install a jailbreak app developed by the PLA on your iPhone? If I had any interest in the Chinese military, I definitely would think twice before installing the application. Who knows what it may do in the background.


  • I would not – NEVER!

    It would be spying in on my every moves, why else would the Chinese Military insist the app be jail broken!

    Very clever!

    – Eric

  • bob


  • Ethan

    First theory; After a large number Americans installed the app and when the right time come the Chinese Gov. will send a virus to those iphones and those cluster iphones will transform into a giant robot and destroy America.

    Second theory: they are just pricks for trying to spy and put control on people. Which theory do u think is right?

  • Jorge

    Absolutely agree, I would never trust in those bastards, who knows what the aplication will do once installed, definetly spying or some kind of data collection

  • Cameron

    The US Army may have a bigger budget but the UK Army is the best.

    • Ethan

      in relation to this article, your point is?

    • Mike

      I’m from the UK but fail to see the relevance of your statement, maybe your patrionism would serve you better on a diff blog, maybe 1 that actually had something to do with that and not 1 about iDevices …. Just a thought !

      • Cameron

        “…second largest military in the world in terms of budget, right behind the US.” That’s the relation cock suckers! (Ethan and Mike)

    • Kurt

      i’m American. and find your post funny. not sure why people are upset with you.

  • Ericsimch

    Lol why are people not trusting the Chinese government so much?

  • Kyle

    Can you type “KEYLOGGER”? I actually saw one in the same repo as iSwype.

  • Jayy

    Maybe they are just trying to get our credit cards numbers so they can get some of that money we borrowed back..

  • TimCook

    Please report any of this to me and my peeps.

    • Justin bin Laden

      Yes Sir!

  • fuck you all

  • Me

    For all those people living in the “innocent-until-proven-guilty” land of the US please all fire up their copies of IDA Pro and reverse this application to prove there’s a keylogger, or anything else included, before making such big claims against a nation? 🙂

    This really could just be a harmless application, you know.

  • UnlosingRanger

    they just put the digital viral into the phone, and all it takes is the right magic spell to turn into the chinese transformer 9000

  • Cy

    Afraid of being apied on? Ever heard of project echelon??

  • Can’t believe no one reviewed this one…