Good news for those of you who love boobs and Angry Birds. You can now combine the two together, thanks to the amazing work of an artsy seller on

Hand painted with acrylic paint, the Angry Birds bra features the famous red bird and a pig staring at each other…

These bras are currently sold out, but given the success it’s getting, I assume the seller will create more of these.

While you wait for your Angry Birds bra, maybe you’d be interested in this Nintendo NES Controller bra.

  • xxx

    That’s sexy!

    • sOleFresh


  • Element_hg

    “Hand painted” …

  • Ethan

    I love the bird and of course, also the pig.

  • Chris

    Quite apt really as birds wear bras and also quite a few pigs lol

  • Robzy

    I’m gonna get this for my girlfriend then make her breasts fight it out ­čśŤ

  • that is freakin hot

  • very funy

  • Haha pure swag!

  • Ken

    They should make angry bird underware for men.

  • Lucky

    this whole idea is really funny… lolz…. hehehehe