A new video has appeared online which appears to show off one of the many Chinese iPhone clones available, but this one is a little different.

The knock-off in this particular video is an iPhone 5 clone, and while it’s obviously a fake, rather than a pre-production sample, is it possible that this handset could give us a sneak peak at what we can expect the be lining up for in a few short weeks?

As BGR points out, that might not be as strange a proposition as it first appears…

The fake iPhones first showed up yesterday in photographs which showed a black model. Today’s video features a rather fetching white design, along with the same aesthetics as the one we showed you yesterday.

While the images and indeed video show off what are clearly fake handsets, is it possible that someone in the Chinese cloning companies has had their hands on a real iPhone 5 prototype, and based their fakes on that? BGR thinks that’s a very real possibility.

“It is possible that Chinese knockoff builders have obtained Apple’s iPhone 5 design, or even an actual device, from one of Apple’s manufacturing partners or component suppliers in order to copy it before their competition gets the chance. For that reason, it’s worth taking a look at this design,”

As for us? We’re not so sure.

Check out the video and decide for yourself, but remember that anything Apple puts out could look completely different to these fakes, if only due to their superior build quality.

What do you think? Have we just seen the next iPhone, if a little, well, fake?

  • Well, one thing is clear, that the OS is monumentally garbage… but the design… it does seem the direction apple would possibly go.. and if it is a real design being cloned very early… i like the Chinese’s style. but i highly doubt that it is a genuine thing, unless it is and that OS Is just s theme from Cydia….

    • Ernesto

      It runs with java. Nothing close to the Xcode peogram apple uses.

      • Ernesto

        Program… Not peogram.

  • iam8bit

    oh come on guys! do you seriousely believe that shit?

  • anthonyappleguy

    NOPE. That’s not even Apple-ish.

  • Manuel

    I pray thats nothing like the iPhone 5 or I will be severly disappointed

    • Fedal Castrol

      Yeah same here. If thats what it looks like ill get an iphone 4.

  • Tony

    Lol this is a joke right? That phone looks like a piece of garbage and you actually think this is a glimpse of what the real phone will look like? iDB writers must be smoking crack….

    • Chris

      lol + 1, that f’ing sucks, looks gross and that’s not just the white which imo looks tacky anyway on the iPhone 4 .. If Apple did happen to make the 5 look like this it’s safe to say I and many others would be switching to Android.

      • It’s a plastic representation. Obviously the iP5 won’t be even close to that in respects to quality. The OS isn’t even what they’re talking about, only the design.

  • Attiya

    i think this is iphone 0.5

    • Alex

      ahahahahahah best comment on this page

  • Ethan

    Crappy news but I read it anyways, does it mean that I am chronically addicted to iproducts and iDB?

    • Free

      Ditto bud.

  • Filip

    So ugly 🙁 like iPhone 2G

    • Vietnight

      thumb up, if they going to make iphone 5 something like that, i wouldn’t spend a penny on it.

  • mwpitt52

    That is the ugliest piece of junked up iPhone on the planet. I would rather go back to my Motorola Razer.

  • There are so many clone in the world including clone of me. ha ha

  • Lol the iPhone 2g looks better then this crap. Definitely not the iPhone 5.

  • Hugo

    I hope the new iPhone doesnt even come close to the garbage touch screen in this video, seems that the chinese guy was having a really hard time to unlock the phone and scroll over the two pages tham!!!!!!!

  • sk@tta

    It looks thicker than the iPhone 4

    • Jason Masters

      That’s what she said

  • Twited21


  • iCrapped

    Obviously fake. Like the other fake iPhones I saw on my trip, it has a smaller screen. I don’t think this is the real deal, it’s just a fake iPhone 3GS with a thinner design.

  • iCrapped

    Obviously fake. Like the other fake iPhones I saw on my trip to China, it has a smaller screen. I don’t think this is the real deal, it’s just a fake iPhone 3GS with a thinner design.

  • Alhenny

    Dumbasses it’s clearly a fake their just talking about the design not the OS or quality smh.

    • Jason Masters

      Hey why do you have to call people names if they were in front of you would you call a total stranger a dumbass obviously not for fear of getting your ass whooped we all talk iPhone here not stupidity so grow up and be respectful

  • Bona

    Holy crap, I understand what they’re saying, they’re speaking Khmer. Hahah which makes them Cambodians, it’s a small world after all.

  • Bona

    It’s cambodian people, in this video, they were probably hired by the chinese to assembly it. Who knows..

  • jared

    that os looks so bad ahaha

  • Andrew

    I agree, it’s a complete piece of shit. That’s why i’m happily on android. But don’t hate, im not trolling. I actually read this blog because of my ipad and ipod touch.

  • I purchased one of these (out of interest) in Thailand. The OS is junky, very low resolution, you can’t install apps and it’s basically just designed to ‘pretend’ to look like an iPhone. It looks VERY convincing physically and it has a built in TV tuner (analogue) and extendable antenna from the top right. That alone was worth the $30USD I paid for it!!! The TV is crystal clear! You can find these phones at EVERY one of the 300+ phone shops in Siam Square shopping centre in Bangkok ::)