The eagerly awaited Final Fantasy Tactics will finally make its way to iOS this Thursday, according to a post on the Square Enix Europe blog.

The news signals the end of a long wait for European gamers. The title, original available on Sony’s Playstation console, never saw a European release, meaning this iPhone version will be the first time that some fans of the franchise have had a chance to get to grips with it.

A touch-enabled remake of the classic, “Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions” promises to be one of the hits of the year for iOS gaming fans…

Unfortunately, gamers wishing to get the full Final Fantasy Tactics experience on an iPad, will have to wait a little while longer. The initial release will be iPhone-only, though an iPad version is on its way.

“FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: The War Of The Lions has been available on the PlayStation Network for a little while now, but if you’re waiting to grab the game on a more touchy device then fear not. Your wait it almost over. The game will be available on iPhone and iPod Touch this Thursday, August 4th for £10.99. An iPad version will be released later in the month.”

Expect Final Fantasy Tactics to be around $15.99 in the US App Store from Thursday.

“Still don’t know what FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: War of the Lions is? It’s a remake of the classic PSone game, simply titled FINAL FANTASY TACTICS, which was never released in Europe. The remake features improved graphics, a significantly improved script translation, beautiful animated cutscenes and extra features.”

Will you be eagerly awaiting this re-release of the Playstation classic come Thursday?


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  • LOL, pirates

    Lol, I dont understand this game…

    • Alex

      That’s because you are probably 12 and never played it when it debuted on the original Playstation in the mid-nineties.

      It’s a turn based game. The blue squares are how far you can move. The red squares are how far your attacks can reach. So if you have a sword the red square will be like one block. If you have a bow and arrow or magic then the red square range is much greater.

      You have different job classes that you can acquire throughout the game. Like a Monk, Summoner, Knight, White Mage, Black Mage, and so on. Each class has it’s own special abilities and magic powers and skills. By changing into another class, you can level up as that class and then it allows you to use that class’ skills with other classes. So if you learn monk abilities, you could then change to a black mage and use Monk skills. The only problem is that the skills of a monk are MUCH weaker when you are a class that is different from the Monk.

  • Chris

    What a load of f’ing shit !!

  • Me

    This looks awesome! FFT is my all-time favorite FF game.

  • Sandman

    Loved playing the Playstation version back in the day. Hmmm…but at $16.00 think I’ll wait for a sale.

  • Jason

    I actually own the original for PSone!

  • zEz

    can’t wait… =D