Welcome to the inaugural episode of the question and answer video feature, Ask Jeff.

Here is where I will do my best to answer at least five questions each episode that you, the readers and viewers, ask.

Most of the questions that I select to talk about on air will be iOS related questions, but feel free to ask my anything about tech in general, and we’ll see if I can squeeze in a few auxiliary questions per episode.

So, without further delay, the first episode of Ask Jeff…

Questions answered revolve around SBSettings themes, live clock and live weather, safari downloads, and tidy status bars.

If you want your question featured in episode 02, leave your comment below, or on the video’s YouTube page.

So, who’s got a question?

  • Mrsergioramos

    Would it be possible to have live weather on the icon with gps to track your location as supposed to live weather depending on what town you put in.. Kind of like ios5 but on the icon it self.

  • Daniel

    How do I upgrade my 4.2.1 JBd iPhone 4 to 4.3.3? I have SHSH blobs saved in Cydia only and I use a PC as my primary computer.

  • geoces85

    i have been looking for the answer to a question for a while. i would like to wirelessly sync my jailbroke iphone or ipad to my apple tv, and have it mirror my phone. i want to see everything on my phone or ipad up on my screen wirelessly. i know they are bringing it to iOS 5 but is there anything i can do for now?

    • WonkieInc

      I’ve been looking fir the same thing for about 3 months! Please help Jeff!

  • babelo

    Hi jeff.
    A lot of friend considering how to use ipad to sharing data to other devices, not as thethering modem. Like photos, contacts, musics, files using bluetooth in jailbroken mode and unjailbroken mode.
    What kind limitation on the bluetooth datansharing.

    I really like copytrans manager So i can put any music or even 1080p m4v subtitled tagged video to my ipad2 on any computer without itunes sync, Unfortunatelyn it is on windows only? Do you know any software like it on mac?

  • Brad

    Hey Jeff, so I’ve been a jaupbreaker for about 7 months now (still a n00b). Haven’t had any problem up until yesterday. Everytime I go to play a song in my iPod app on my iPhone 4, the app crashes. Tried respringing and rebooting to no avail. Trying avoid restoring as I don’t want to loose 4.3.3 (do have blobs saved tho). Thoughts?

    • Download crash reporter. And try going into safemode. If it still wont work in safe mode then you’ll have to restore. Ifbit does work in safemode the it’s probabilly a tweak you have installed.

      • Brad

        thanks for the tip, ipod app DOES work in safe mode. any streamlined ways of figuring out which tweak it is that is causing the issue?

    • David

      Probably the tweak you installed before it started crashing.

      • Brad

        lol. It started doing it while i was at the gym. I don’t remember installing anything. Balls.

  • Llionv

    How do I have my own avatar here on iDB?

  • mwpitt52


    Is CallBar working with Winterboard? I had to uninstall in order for CallBar to ring.

    • Omar

      I love CallBar

  • Alex

    Jeff rocks!

  • Omar

    Awesome video. I downloaded everything. Lol

  • Bjørn

    Hi Jeff

    I have watched sooooo many of your videos. Thanks alot dude.

    My question is…. I have sometimes seen a green icon on some videos of jailbreak stuff. It says something with shsh. Could you tell me what that is?

  • Neel

    Jeff, herez a suggestion. Plz take into considation. iDB is the best source for everything about apple. I never luk for anything other than your site for any info related to iproducts. You always keep posting about new tweaks, apps, news etc. That actually makes cydia n app store discoverable otherwise v wudnt cum to know about new stuffs. NOW PROBLEM IS THAT, there are a hell lot of tweaks, apps etc which are very useful at times and you may like to install them temporarilyor for new ios producets, but when in future you try to recall them its very hard n confussive bcoz you keep posting too much everyday, so old stuffs r hard to access. PLEASE MAKE A DIFFERENT TAB LIKE home, forums, jailbreak, unlock…. Specialy for tweaks so all the tweaks r easily accessible anytime in the future. Say for example, this video will b on 7th or 8th page after a week or so, so u have scroll down thru all pages to search for this video. I am just telling to sort out all the tweaks and apps from your regular posts to under a different tab. These might become a lengthy process for you, but not impossible ofcors. Duz it makes sense?

    • Absolutely makes sense, I was going to make that suggestion myself. We’ll look into it.

  • Dave

    Jeff…That was very cool! Well done. No questions, just wanted to say I enjoyed that good, simple, down to Earth video. Very nice.

    • Thanks Dave! Appreciate the compliments 🙂

  • Good questions so far guys! Looking forward to answering as many of these as I can personally in the next episode. I’ll be sure to give you a shout out if I select your question. Keep ’em coming!

  • Coach

    Does the Safari DL manager work for the ipad 2?

  • Lami

    Jeff, thanks a million for the work done so far. Two important questions.
    1. How to use PKGBACKUP to back up and the correct restore process.
    2. How to restore your iPhone to factory settings while maintaining the same firmware (4.3.3)

    Many thanks

  • Neous

    Is Callbar work with the headset?

    I use Native Union Moshi and I can’t answer with the button on headset.

  • Angelo

    I have simply a few question of interest. Which one was your first jailbreak tool? How did you feel after your first jailbreak? Were you overwhelmed by the whole bunch of new stuff and opportunities? How fast did you learn to use your jailbreak right and efficient? Im really excited to hear your individual jailbreak story. Anyway good Video Jeff.

  • HTMLrulezd00d

    Why is there two message apps? And is there a way to put the iOS 5 weather widget onto an iPad 1?

  • KP

    Is there any Custom App that directly openup an URL in Safari. Example: I want to create my own App and Picture and have a shortcut associated with it so that I can just open a URL with a click. Thank you again for all the hardwork.

    • geoces85

      What it sounds like you are asking for is an app on your home page that when you press it the safari opens up to that site. if that is what you are looking for. Open safari > go to the site> press the button at the bottom (looks like a box with an arrow in it) > hit add to home screen. Then you are done. Hope that helps

      • KP

        Wow, that really help. Is there a way that we can assing a custome Image to this App?

  • Ferry

    I can not find the sbsettings theme.
    Dus anyone know the name of sbsettings.

  • Ferry

    Can anybody help me with the sbsettings name i cant find it.

  • Ferry

    Can anybody help me with the sbsettings. name i cant find it.

  • Ferry

    Can anybody help me with the sbsettings. name i cant find it.

  • felicitous

    hi jeff! im planning to buy factory unlocked iphone4, can i jailbreak it? thank you..
    im from philippines

    • Johnny

      Yes, of course on any firmware.