Would you buy an Apple TV set? That’s the billion dollar question I’m sure Steve Jobs and company are asking themselves right now, as speculation continues to suggest that Apple is bringing an HDTV to market in the not-so-distant future.

While the Cupertino company has identified their interests in the TV industry as “a hobby,” there have been several reports over the last 12 months that indicate they are about to take it to the next level. So what could Apple do to make their TV set better than the competition?

How about producing a product that is extremely thin, houses 16 speakers, and uses DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology that isn’t even available yet for starters? At least that’s what one Global Equities Research analysts is saying.

Although Apple-branded TV set rumors aren’t anything new, the information that Trip Chowdhry included in a note to investors last weekend offers new details about the mysterious product. The data is based on a “converged view” of details culled from developer events he’s attended.

The analyst claims that Apple’s slick new television will be available in 3 different screen sizes, and “probably” launch in March of next year. He points to Bose’s VideoWave as a good example of what to expect (pictured below).

So imagine a thin LED-backlit TV with a built-in 16 speaker sound system, one of the clearest HD screens available, and an easy-to-develop-for software platform. Now imagine this product uses 1 electrical plug, and is as easy to operate as an iPad.

Not only would it appeal to the growing number of Apple fanatics who religiously line up for their latests inventions, it would also attract new consumers who previously stayed away from the home theatre craze due to fear of technology — just like the iPad did.

What does Apple have to gain from all of this? If Apple is able to release the product cheaper than the competition, while maintaining high profit margins (as it has in the past), analysts believe that an Apple TV set could add as much as $100 billion dollars to the company’s market cap.

The bottom line is, the company has enough money right now that anything’s possible. Launching a TV set would certainly streamline more users directly to their iTunes store, not to mention all of the possibilities it would open up for iDevice interaction.

What do you think?


  • Angelo

    It will be the first TV with an Jailbreak.

  • Brandon

    A tv as thin as my iPhone 4 and with the same bright screen …. Wowowowowowwww.

    I probably wouldn’t get one though I rarely watch tv.

  • David

    “If Apple is able to release the product cheaper than the competition” who really thinks that is going to happen? Not me that’s for sure.

  • Mac

    if apple gets on tv it s gonna be a trillion

  • Dane

    “one of the clearest HD screens available”
    That is one of the biggest load of bull lines I have ever read. They don’t even produce their own displays for the iPhone or iPad. And you think somehow they’re going to get better screens than the already established TV companies that are actually producing them. Lmao.

    Fail fanboy article is fail

    • I was actually assuming that everyone knew Apple outsourced for ALL product components. The “one of the clearest HD screens available” line was merely telling you that the product would house an extremely sharp display.

      I was thinking something along the lines of LG’s 55 inch OLED display that — get this — isn’t available yet : http://www.ubergizmo.com/2011/07/lg-55-inch-oled-tv/

      Apple secured a $500 million dollar investment in LG in 2009, so one would think they would get access to the new display technology — wait for it — ahead of the competition.

      So that’s what I meant, by “clearest HD screen available.” If they launched a TV, with LG’s OLED screen next March…and the competition couldn’t bid on the component until the end of 2012, Apple’s purposed TV set would indeed have one of the clearest screens available.

      also read this for more information on Apple’s ability to manipulate supply channels to keep competition from accessing new components: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2011/07/05/apple-ahead-of-the-game/

      No fanboys here, just reporting the news.

      Thanks for reading.

  • SEEL

    Dane just got USED

    • Stavesacre


      • Stavesacre

        I think Dane should hold Cody’s pocket for the rest of the night!