Yet again, we bring you news of iPhone 5 cases. According to MIC Gadget, iPhone 5 cases are “now everywhere” in China. The site has another gallery of the new designs, and these appear to be no different than any of the other cases we have showed you.

Chinese manufacturers appear to be confident that this is the design for the iPhone 5, as they have started mass producing them already. There is a huge incentive for these companies to have cases ready when the product comes out…

In fact, three people were sentenced to prison in china for leaking iPad 2 case designs before its launch. These leaks have turned out to be surprisingly accurate. The iPhone 3G as well as 5th and 6th generation iPod Nano cases turned out to be real.

As we approach the upcoming launch date, it seems that we have a pretty good idea of the iPhone 5 design.

What do you think?


  • Ken

    Who can tell you that is iphone case?
    It can be new generation ipod case too.

    • kokhean

      Maybe they felt that iPod touch users too want to charge their devices while listening to music through headphones? We never truly know until they release a new device.

  • sOleFresh

    seems* not seens? but otherwise; can’t wait to findout!

    • Gabriel

      Find out* not findout?

      • MDS

        Chuck Norris* not Gabriel?

  • ic0edx

    I thing their for the iPod touch. It makes more ceanse for it not to have the side volume buttons. Remember in iOS 5 Apple has enabled the function to take pictures with the volume button and this was a known problem that veto e wanted to get fixed. So Apple will not be removing the volume buttons. These cases can be for any phone out there Evan the Galixy 2

  • Josh Lee

    Whether it’s for the iPhone 5 or iPod touch doesn’t really matter. What ever is on the iPhone is usually on the iPod touch and vice versa.

  • AgentSmith

    There is no way of knowing whether or not the cases actually correspond to the design. How many other times have we seen cases leak, only for the final product to look utterly different?

  • Chris


    the volume buttons are there just like the power button. a lot of cases cover them. even Apple’s own bumpers did. i personally hate when they are covered in silicon but the bumpers are decent with the separate little buttons. then again, we won’t know until we find out.

  • iCharles

    I’m hoping they’re just iPod cases, because I’m praying for Apple to keep the flat squared design for the next iPhone 😀

  • Lupius

    There seems to be a hole on the opposite side of where the current mute switch is…

  • iPhone is a name of quality, day by day the famous of iPhone spread all over the world, it is really a good news for us.

  • Steve J

    They have to make it bigger this is America! Bigger screen, dual processor rules out same size case dimensions. Battery life would suck. They will need a wider and taller case to house the battery. Likely thinner too. They won’t get silly like HTC at 4.5 inches. Expect a 4 inch screen….3.7, only .2 inches more is highly unlikely

  • wtf … Why would you have the case and the phone is not out !!!
    What am I not getting !!!

  • I agree with Poyser; what will you put in a case if there’s no unit yet? LOL!
    This is really hilarious

    California iPhone consultants

    • Anon


  • Victor

    Lol guest author