Sound off the alarm. It looks as if a few folks have gotten spoiled. Either that, or they’re beginning to take for granted the benefits that jailbreaking brings to the table; namely, the ability to tweak our iPhone’s in any matter that we please.

For that reason, I try my hardest — although it is admittedly difficult at times — to take an objective stance on any tweak that comes across my desk…

True, there’s been more than a few times that Sebastien has emailed me and asked, “Interested?” When the answer is frankly, no, not really. Even still, I do my best to muster up the gumption to tackle whatever app or tweak hits Cydia, because I know that someone, as silly as it may seem to me, will find said app or tweak beneficial to them.

Exhibit A

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. One man’s worthless tweak is another’s “Hey, I’ve been needing something just like that.”

That’s how it works, folks. This is jailbreaking. This is what the community’s about. It’s about being creative, doing things outside the norm, no matter how silly or impractical it may seem for some.

Exhibit B

It’s gotten to the point where I almost hesitate to cover certain tweaks because I know it will be responded to with a barrage of “useless” comments.

Should I feel that way? In a word, no. Because this is the community, this is what it’s all about: opening the door on Apple’s closed and heavily controlled eco-system.

Does this mean every tweak should be praised as if it’s the next Wi-Fi Sync, MobileNotifier, or CallBar? Of course not, as those stand head and shoulders above the majority of Cydia’s offerings.

Exhibit C

What it does mean, though, is that you might want to place a yoke on the knee jerk reactions, and ponder for a moment before you label one man’s treasure as something of little value.

  • Diddyo

    I want that weather icon in the status bar, which tweak is that?

    • iChukau

      it’s called WeatherIcon, then you have to enable the status bar icon in the settings app

    • Fern

      I feel like that tweak caused my phone to act up so I took it off. Then again maybe that was the icing on the cake because at that time I tweaked my phone A LOT.

  • yum yum yum

    i love nyansliders and nyancatbar (makes your unlock bar a nyancat!) i installed them a week or so ago and although yes, they are pretty useless i totally love em! they really encapsulate the jailbreak scene.


  • Great post and great videos Jeff. It’s easy to call an app or tweak useless, but there is likely always going to be at least a handfull of people who find them interesting!

  • anthonyappleguy

    This is something to think about, Jeff. I see it all the time.

  • Saltb0x

    i love the nyan slider…. the best thing… its animated… bring some life to the boring official (formal?) sliders made by apple… also cydia is for the people who want to make thier as they want it & not the way apple wants to…

  • Saleh

    exhibit c made me laugh so hard xD
    but i do like all the crap meaning less tweaks it makes know that i have the ability to do anything i want

  • Ryan22

    I for one love silly tweak and I hope you guys keep posting about them.

  • Steve

    Unfortunately in a comment environment such as the one on iPDB, any idiot with half a brain can ramble on in these comment threads and in my short time browsing the great articles of this site, I come across tons.

    To Jeff, I say you can’t keep everyone happy but you can never go overboard with posting articles on iPDB. It’s what makes this site my go to every day and you’re all doing a great job!

    • Mike

      You were saying about rambling lol ..

      Quality vids as usual Jeff, personally i’d never use any of them tweaks, much like a lot of others but I always find myself watching the vids you do even if I hate the tweak lol, keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

  • NPK06

    You sir, are great at video blogging. Srsly.

  • Shannon

    Jeff, there will always be people with negative comments no matter what you do. You just have to accept that anything you post may be flooded with trolls. However, your video reviews of tweaks (even the ones that are “useless” to me personally) are my favorite part of this site, and the only thing that irks me is I just started reading iDB about a month or so ago, so I feel like there’s a lot of good reviews of tweaks that I’ve missed out on. I always look forward to seeing more, because then I don’t have to browse Cydia myself, you make it easy for me. And I’m sure the majority of iDB readers feel the same way. If a tweak is useless for me, atleast I know of its existence in case someone I know may need it. Keep up the good work and don’t worry about the trolls and negative Nancys!

  • Me

    If an aspiring jailbreak device learns reversing, their way around iOS file system and coding for an iDebvice and produces a “useless” tweak in the process, and then goes on to create the next MobileNotifier/CallBar etc with the knowledge they learnt the first time round – does that make the first tweak stop being classed as useless?

  • WonkieInc


    • NPK06


    • Jamie

      So good!