Yesterday I saw an AT&T commercial on TV saying that if you’re on a family plan and choose to get unlimited text messaging, you would automatically get unlimited calling to any mobile phone in the US.

So this morning, after my delicious grande Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks, I decided to pay a visit to the AT&T store, right next to the coffee shop, and see if they could help me save a few bucks…

It was early and no one was in there. I was greeted by a hostess who took me to an AT&T rep. I told her I had seen the commercial on TV and that it might make me save a few bucks.

We are on a family plan, and our bill is roughly $180/month for both Tina and I’s iPhones. We already have the unlimited texting plan, which runs for $30/month. Included in our plan is unlimited calling to 10 of our favorite phone numbers.

The rep was very helpful and told me that we weren’t even close to using all our minutes. By downgrading our talk time plan, we could save $20/month, get unlimited calling to any US mobile, and still be under our allocated minutes.

She made the appropriate changes to our plan. In less than 10 minutes, I was done. I had saved myself $20/month.

If you have a few minutes, stop by your AT&T store. They usually are much more friendly than reps on the phone, and they might be able to hook you up with a special offer or something.

  • Question

    So you saved money because you were on a higher tier talk plan?

    It’s not gonna help me cause I’m already on lowest tier for a 5 phone plan. But this is good for those like you and those who doesn’t know about the family unlimited text plan

    • Dane

      Same boat. 5 lines and on the lowest possible minute plan. To be fair when the bill is broken down it only comes out to $30 a line for talk and text then each person pays their own data and insurance

    • Jon Garrett

      my bill is $206 a month after taxes for mine and my wife’s i4’s. to save $20 we would loose half our minutes (from 14000 down to 700) AND loose all our rollover minutes (over 10,000) even though they are my minutes because I paid for them !! AND I would loose the A-list feature.

      Id give up way to much just to “save” $20.

      • Craig

        A list probably wont matter because maybe you’ll find most of your calls are mobile to mobile.

      • Danilo Gramajo

        I have a 4 lines in a family plan, and I paid about $230/month. I paid for early night and unlimited text message for the family plan. I had racked up and probably capped the max roll over minutes (I can’t remember but I must of given up about 9k roll over minutes, and every month I was losing 800 roll over minutes.) I moved the four lines to a 700 plan (I wanted the 500 plan, but I was not allowed) and signed up for UNLIMITED TEXT AND MOBILE TO MOBILE for $30.00. I dropped the early minutes and swap the unlimited texts for the above product on caps. I was over paying about $80.00 because my bill dropped to about $150.00.

        If you are paying for phone insurance… I dropped it… I was getting a $6.99 charge for two phones. 6.99×12=83.88 And every time I had to changed the phone I was charged $50.00 83.88+50= $133.88/year. I changed the phone every two years or so 133.88*2= $267.76. Phone insurance did not work for me, it ripped me off.

        I pay about $120/month for 4 lines around $30.00. I just limit phone calls to non-mobile phone numbers, anyways how many people do you know that do not have a cell phone?

  • JasonPWalker

    Would be nice to save some money, I gotta stop spending so much!

  • BLiNK

    did this earlier this year and it’s been nice. now, if only they would let us tether on the unlimited..

  • Cool! Good info. We’re in the same boat and could downgrade our family plan and save money this way. The only downfall is they reduce your rollover minutes to one months worth of minutes based on the new plan. We have thought about ditching our house phone by porting our Vonage number to AT&T. I’ve read this is possible by porting vonage to a AT&T Go Phone and then swapping the number with my iPhone. Might be another way to save $ while keeping your home phone number.

  • I assume you aren’t locked into a new 2 year plan. If so, that was bad move.

  • Scott

    Yea. Did this about 7 months ago. They don’t advertise changes in the service plan. You jut have to stumble across it i guess

    • Jamie

      Actually they do. Got this text yesterday:
      AT&T Free Msg: Your messaging plan just got better! You can add calling to ANY US mobile phone at NO ADDITIONAL COST by updating your plan to Messaging Unlimited w/Mobile-to-Any-Mobile calling. Click to log into myAT&T – select Features to update your plan. Std data chgs may apply.

      • Special K

        You got the text yesterday, How long since you had your service, because this feat came out well doing the winter months.

  • Special K

    Yeah.. This plan started a while back, it saves if you don’t call landlines often. I don’t even bother with the unlimited plan because wen i look at my minutes used most of my calls are to and from a mobile number just place myself on the lowest minute package and call it a day. They don’t advertise small changes like this that would benefit the consumer, and make then loose money… (the major reason why i have twitter and i follow blogs such as Engadget and AT&T because things such as this release was posted on Engadget)

  • Tony

    I got my iphone when 3GS came out, have the lowest minutes calling plan, I think it’s 450 minutes? Unlimited texts, unlimited data, and my bill is around $93 a month.

    I have never used up all of my minutes, matter of fact last I checked I have over 5000 rollover minutes lol… I wish I could lower my calling plan even more.

  • Puffin

    Nice job honey!!!

  • Eddy

    I have a 4 family plan I actually just did this last week. My bill didn’t change at all this is what I did. I have 700 mins for 4 lines with unlimited messaging plan.all I did was call amd they switched the unlimited messaging to unl. Mess. And unl. Calling to mobile phones. I still have 700 mins for home phones/international calls

  • Kingz

    This has been around since last winter. I believe ive even commented this on a previous post. Have about 4000 rollover minutes i will nvr use.

  • T-Will

    Here’s another easy way to save around 20%, stop in at AT&T and ask if they offer a corporate discount for the company you work for. The company my wife works for said they didn’t get an AT&T corporate discount, but when we stopped in at AT&T and asked they told us they did offer a 20% discount. Pretty nice for around 10 minutes of work.

    • Great idea. My wife works for San Diego School District. We might be able to get an additional discount thanks to that 🙂

    • iCharles

      Love this feature!
      I’m an employee at Target and we also get 20%.

  • LT916

    I had a close friend who used to work at ATT wireless store to code my account as a USPS postal worker (over 5 years). And bam! 20% off of my monthly bill. Nowadays if u were to request your account to be coded as a USPS worker they will ask for your work email address to verify.

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    Hey guys, have someone tried to add google voice to one of or favorite numbers??

    so u can call google talk as a favorite (unlimited minutes) once google voice answer your call u can dia any US number and its like unlimited anywhere, right?

  • JAK


    Went into an AT&T store in town an was able to reduce my bill from $181.~ a month to 158.~ taxed, dropping my family nation rollover 700 plan to a family nation rollover 550, also dropped the any mobile to mobile,but kept the AT&T mobile to mobile.. There is a difference I found out, amazing what you can save when you just inquire… Especially when AT&T wants to hold on to ALL there customers… Needless to say I was texting my normal first 100 texts of the day the next morning an received a ( you’ve reached your $20.~ limit message that i’ve exceeded ) Called AT&T within minutes of this, an was informed when the local agent changed my plan, the plan change removed my family $30.~ text plan an put me at a default text option… The phone agent not only fixed it, but gave me credit to cover all expected charges an overages… Leaving my monthly bill for 2 iPhone 4’s at $145 before taxes each month!! Shoots!! Mahalo Sebastien!!