At iDownloadBlog we like to do things big. That’s why we’re not spreading this giveaway out four times over just because we have four iPhone 4 cases to give away. Nope, we’re giving all four of these bad boys away to one fortunate reader at random.

Okay, so it’s not totally random, but it’s so easy to enter, it might as well be.

Check inside for a full video review of Stylish people’s Good Partner’s Neo Hybrid II EX Series iPhone 4 case, along with the full details on what you need to do to claim all four of these cases for yourself…

Out of the four iPhone 4 cases that SGP sent us, I selected the Neo Hybrid II EX Series to review. The case is a bumper style case with two parts — a rubber underbelly, and the hard plastic shell that wraps sleekly along the exterior sides of your iPhone 4.

It’s basically like Apple’s in-house bumper, except a bit more stylish.

Installing the bumper was a cinch; simply slide the rubber portion on, and then maneuver the hard plastic shell on top of it ensuring that all of the ports are aligned properly. I can see where some people would have problems with installation, but most would be able to do so with minimal issues in a matter of minutes.

I tested the case to ensure that it worked well with the 30-pin connector, and the headphone jack was easily accessible. The Neo Hybrid passed those tests with flying colors. The only thing you won’t get with this case is dock connectivity, but that’s pretty much the case (see what I did there?) with every case on the market.

SGP’s packaging is one of the most well put together packages I’ve seen thus far, and they even throw in two screen protectors for the front and back of your device, along with a cleaning cloth.

As most of you know, I’m not a big case person, but I have to say that these are pretty nice.

The Neo Hybrid II Ex Series Gunmetal for iPhone 4 case can be purchased at They have many more cases available for a variety of devices, including the iPad 2, so be sure to show them some love.

Okay, now for the really important stuff:

How to Win:

1: Follow @iDownloadBlog on Twitter

2: Retweet the video link using this link, which is also found in the video description.

3: Relax, and check back next Friday, August 5th, to see if you won.

So, what do you guys think?

  • JUN

    August 2nd is tuesday, next friday is August 5th

    • Thanks, I fixed it.

  • Shaz

    I dont have a Twitter account! make some Facebook directions!

  • Stone

    I had one of these in yellow great case until the plastic near the dock snapped

  • Tony

    My free apple bumper broke and apple traded me a new one. Bumper is the way to go. More stylish is good. Hopefully more sturdy too.

  • How many times can I retweet the tweet?

  • Digging it

  • soccerkrzy

    Once again, another one where if we don’t have Twitter you’re fucked.

    • Johnny

      it’s not exactly impossible to make a twitter account, so just shut up.

  • Idgaf:)

    Amazing give away!!I wish I win!!

  • Rob

    Cool cases!

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  • Ben Walker

    Thanks for the opportunity :P, love the site πŸ˜€

  • LOL @ the people complaining about Twitter again…. if you don’t have Twitter just make an account, it’s not rocket science. It’s free to make an account and takes about 5 seconds…. They really aren’t asking much here.

  • MrA

    what do i think? i think it sucks that you have to have twitter and Facebook and all these damn social networks to win at the giveaways πŸ™

    I’m the vocal minority against all social networks…..

    oh well I’m just whining.

  • I’m not interested!

  • Mo

    US only?

  • U.S. only?

    Now it’s too late after the final collapse of 3G coverage is lost. πŸ™

  • Alfred

    I’m using the Black & Yellow case, it is a very nice case especially the ultra clear screen protector!

  • Llionv

    Me and My Dad could really do with a case on our iphones… Please iDB.. and then persuade him to let me jailbreak his too!

  • Fuxx you all shut up your stupid mouth don’t just comment bring apple down

  • com3xx

    wow i love the case at the last pic , may i win one , god only knows πŸ˜‰
    anyway i start to follow iDownloadBlog now on Twitter and i retweet πŸ˜‰

  • Lewyladz

    theese wreck youre signal i had one πŸ™

  • Trace

    Been wanting a new case. cheers to all =P