As the iPhone 5 launch inches closer, it seems everyone wants to know what the device is going to look like. We’ve heard leaked information from “sources,” and we’ve even seen purported cases for the gadget, but we still don’t really have much to go on.

This is one of the reasons that concepts are so interesting. Artists take the rumors and the speculation, and create visual representations. This is exactly what the folks over at Ciccarese Design have done with their latest creation, the iPhone Air…

Modeled after Apple’s popular ultra-thin line of MacBook Air computers, the iPhone Air is a culmination of all of the next-gen iPhone rumors we’ve been hearing as of late. From the tear-drop design, to the edge-to-edge display, these renderings could be fairly accurate — if all of the gossip holds true.

The tear-drop design was first mentioned back in April in an article by This is my next’s Joshua Topolsky, quoting one of his sources. Much like the MacBook Air, the tapered look would allow Apple to fit more hardware into the device, while keeping a seemingly-thin profile.

This concept also features an edge-to-edge screen, another rumor we’ve been hearing since the beginning of the year. This would enable Apple to make the iPhone’s display larger, without increasing the overall size of the device.

I have to admit that I wasn’t too thrilled with the thought of the next iPhone sporting a ‘tapered’ design, but these renderings look amazing. I wouldn’t mind it looking like this at all. I am worried about the edge-to-edge screen though, how am I supposed to put a case on this thing?

What do you think? Do you like this concept?


  • Mysteryman3546

    Where is the charging port?

    • LDMDL

      you can charge from iCloud! hahahaha

      • Brian

        +1 lol

      • eric

        +1 😉

      • SimonOrJ

        Nice one. +1
        Well, I had the same question.

    • T-Will

      The design probably takes the rumor of Apple’s wireless battery charging into account.

    • Sala7o0o

      Hahahha the designer forgot it. lol

      But maybe the ‘ll make it charging wirless !!

      What do u think guys?

    • MattaNZ

      rumours of inductive charging – have to sync wirelessly

  • LALA

    Totally sucks.

  • Chris

    That is FUGLY, who wants a phone that gets thinner towards the bottom, it looks utter wank tbh.

  • 123456789

    Looks nice but the tear drop is upside down. I reckon the base is thicker so it can stand up unaided while you FaceTime\skype\watch movies etc…

  • Erin

    is ‘utter wank’ a real description lol

    I like it, and am a fan of the tear drop. This is my fave so far

    • Wayne

      So do I. I like it as much as the 3GS design.

    • Chris

      If you’re from England ye.

  • No joke, that’s the best mockup I’ve ever seen.

  • She queens… And she vacuums. [/griswold]

  • Copper

    Best part? The Clark Griswald reference.

  • I like it. Loving the look of the screen too.

  • boscotherock

    if apple were to make a teardrop phone, it would hinder the use of all landscape apps because the phone would just feel awkward in your hands. so if they’re smart, then they never even considered the idea of it. don’t get your hopes up.

    • Woodydog

      I like the look but your right about looking strange in landscape

  • David

    Looks ugly as anything, looks like a bloody doorstop.

  • Brandon

    I’ve imagined this before. A faster iPhone but yet way thinner, resembling the MacBook air. Except I didn’t picture it getting thinner towards the bottom. That just doesn’t look good on a phone .

  • Ken

    It’s like dust pan with screen on it.

  • Will it blend?!

    • Dimz


  • It’s missing the touchpad home screen button. 😉

  • Arun

    I think, it runs using solar power or iPhone Air have lifetime battery life so it not need to charge ever..

  • k1ngp1n

    idiots… obviously the charge/sync port is up at the top

    • Kurt

      “idiot”, look at the last picture. “obviously” you dont see it

      • pablo

        Hahahaha! You been tolg k1ngp1n, bet you feel the size of a peanut. Must be one of these “idiots” that sit on the internet all day looking to abuse someone

  • Mripod64

    I like it but I HATE the tear drop shape…it’s just…ugh..

  • Jason Masters

    Looks sweet great concept would be amazed if it were accurate!

  • Angelo

    How to jailbreak without charging port and without recently new jailbreakme versions? 😛

  • Sebas

    I realy like the new way it look new i phone5 and ipodtouch5 nice 

  • Sebas

    I realy like the new way it look new i phone5 and ipodtouch5 nice

  • Alhenny

    The next iPhone will work underwater, have a 57 pixel cam, and drive your car while you take road trips, this is great cause it’s like having a co-pilot while you nap. Dumbasses it’s just rumors, just wait and see soon we will all know!!!

  • If its going to have an edge to edge screen , it should be scatch resistant, because how are you going to put a case on it?

  • SimonOrJ

    In fact, iPod Touch 4G is slightly “up-side-down-tear-drop” shape. You can feel it when you try using your “naked” iPod Touch on both orientations.