Skyfire, most famous for its mobile web browsers, has announced a new iOS app that promises to finally bring Flash to Apple’s mobile devices.

In bringing functionality to the App Store that Apple has been adamant that it doesn’t want, the Skyfire VideoQ app is available in just the United States and Canada for now, with both the iPad and iPhone app expected to be released internationally at a later date…

Available now for $2.99, the app promises to allow buyers to send links containing flash video from Safari, right into VideoQ via email. The links are added to your queue, ready for viewing inside the app later.

“With Skyfire VideoQ, iPhone & iPad users can finally access video designed for Adobe® Flash® Player from Safari, Opera and other previously unsupported mobile browsers. Skyfire VideoQ unlocks videos designed for Adobe® Flash® Player regardless of the mobile browser, allowing users to forward previously unwatchable videos from over 1 million websites directly to the app. Users can also use the Skyfire VideoQ as a locker to store videos for later viewing and sharing. Users have several easy options for sending videos to the VideoQ app from their browser of choice. A user can email the Web link to their unique VideoQ email address, paste a Web link into the app, or install a bookmarklet, which forwards videos to the VideoQ app for future watching.”

With major web sites already moving toward HTML 5 in order to work properly on iOS devices, it’s debatable whether there really is any use for a Flash video viewer on the platform— VideoQ, predictably, will not work with Flash apps or games.

Flash may not be dead yet, but is it dead enough that we just don’t need a Flash video viewer anymore?


  • Hi Oliver — thanks for the great article on Skyfire! Just a quick correction: The app is currently available for $1.99 for a universal version that works on both iPhones and iPads.


    • Thanks! Correction made

      • Alex

        Correction wasn’t made.

      • Yes it was. You’re probably seeing a cached page.

  • moob

    if this works as well as Skyfire’s browser then I wont bother, that promised flash integration too but rarely delivered the goods with the sites I wanted

  • I rarely need flash for video anymore, but there are a handful of sites that I go to frequently that won’t work without it ( in particular.) Looks like this could be good way to stockpile some videos for later viewing on my phone or iPad.

  • Jared

    Flash is dead. With the amount web traffic going through iOS and Macs. If you are not already adapting to HTML 5. You are missing the boat. Bye bye you bloated resource hogging pos. Rip flash.

  • Gertgerman

    Correction defo not made. Still says $2.99 😉

    • Selcuk


  • Honestly…. I don’t like Flash much either, nor does Google. I have (quickly phasing out) FLASH Templated websites, but Google does not like them, so I get S#!T for rankings.

    Besides, Adobe really RUINED Macromedia when they took them over! Adobe Company really sucks!

    Look how cumbersome .PDF files are in “Professional”…. I feel like I’m still awkwardly stumbling through 1990s era software – even with Pro X. Adobe SUCKS!!!

    I have more gripes…. But you get my point – I agree with Apple, Kill Adobe!!!!

    – Eric

    • Andrew

      Wanna talk about 1990s era software, how about itunes for windows, from Apple 😉 Worst piece of software I use on windows. It’s like they purposely make it terrible to keep people hating windows!

  • Andrew

    No real need for flash VIDEO here. Well, not with this cumbersome approach. I would love a more integrated approach for those few videos here and there, but I just don’t need the capability enough to pay for another app and go through the hassle of using two apps. I guess because most videos I want to play I already can. I always welcome more capability, though. Maybe someday I’ll really want it, and it and it will be worth it to grab.