Are you sick and tired of your iPhone’s status bar? Perhaps you think it unfairly claims too many pixels on your iPhone’s screen?

If you feel that way, then you might think that a jailbreak tweak like No Status would appeal to you. After all, it does allow you to completely remove the status bar from your iPhone.

But it’s this functionality that raises an issue far more important than a few pixels lost. You see, No Status doesn’t actually claim the lost space back; true it makes your status bar disappear, but you don’t get those pixels back; even worse, it interferes with Activator status bar swipe actions…

So let’s examine some of the pros and cons of No Status.


  • It’s free if your iPhone is jailbroken
  • It might make some themes look a little better?


  • No pixel space regained
  • No status bar on the lock screen looks plain silly
  • No time, date, signal strength indicators
  • No activator “swipe from status bar” functionality

I don’t think I need to tell you that I don’t recommend No Status at all. It’s just not worth the functionality lost to gain the look that most people don’t even want in the first place.

But you tell me, what do you think? Have you found a valid use for No Status?

  • sk@tta

    Sick and tired of all these waste jailbreaks… what use does this jailbreak have?

    • AMB

      I kinda second that, it’s great that some guys get sometimes creative with their tweaks but some of them are just plain useless and I wouldn’t imagine anyone using them.

      But whatever it’s not like they are shoving those down our throats.

  • Saltb0x


  • David

    It’s for free. It is up to you if you want to download or install it. Please respect the developers’ products.

  • Rick

    This looks like another tweak I’ve seen but 1 idea is to make it look better with “SlideAway” on the lockscreen. Then you also have “Multi Tasking Time” that adds the status bar effects to your multitasking bar. That’s just my idea though.

  • William

    Woah! “no pixel regained”? This by far the dumbest Cydia tweak I ever see.
    Perhaps developer’s next to-do task is a “No Springboard” tweak.
    Seriously, today’s no April Fool.

  • Chris

    I wish 1 of these developers would actually make a dock that you could hide, autohide like on windows but instead they make tweaks that are utterly pointless and plain rubbish.

    • burge

      There is a tweak ( or there was on iOS3 ) that would make the icons use the full screen and i’am very sure that the dock dropped of the screen …sorry I can not think of the name…might be called full screen of something like that…

  • bob

    this is retarded… um maybe a “hide and show stature gesture” tweak instead DUhh!!

  • timo

    this guy sounds like jerry seinfeld 😛

  • Omar Wright

    Is there any way to get your status bar back after this tweak?

  • Omar Wright

    Is there any way to get your status bar back after this tweak?