Yesterday Apple was granted 14 new US patents. Four of them covered the designs for the MacBook Air, Apple TV Remote, iPhone 3G/3GS models, and their battery charger.

The first patent was for the newly refreshed MacBook Air, which could mean bad news for Asus their newly-released UX21 laptop that strongly resembled Apple’s thinnest notebook…

The next patent is for the iPhone 3G/3Gs models, covering the basic curved design and button placement. The last two were for the Apple TV Remote and AA battery charger. The other 10 patents were for Apple’s more specific technology, such as auto power-off for Bluetooth devices and noise reduction, among others.

Recently, Apple has been on a legal tirade, suing smartphone manufacturers left and right for copyright infringement. These 14 new patents will certainly lead to more legal battles.

[Redmond Pie]

  • patens are like weddings. gotta put a ring/patent on it:)

  • Ken

    Samsung has to worry with their 9 series slim laptop too.

  • JoBerlin

    I don’t like Apple’s new suing policy. This time they’re going to be patent trolls. Those Samsung phones look like cheap iPhone rip-offs but this just shows how cool Apple’s design is in the eyes of Samsung.

    • Anon >_

      Pretend for a minute that you actually had brains enough to create something as awesome as the iPhone Jo. If some douche comes along and makes your home button square, and moves your front facing camera a little more off center than yours (next to the disturbingly similar speaker mind you) and is even ballsy enough to put your only major competitors OS on it, would you not want to legally smack them up side the head? I hope Apple drives the whole damn galaxy line into the dirt.

      • BoardDWorld