While Apple’s smartphone line consists of only one model, the iPhone, Google’s Android products are harder to keep track of. It seems like every week a new Android phone is launched by a different company with a catchy name and a set of “killer” specs.

With so many models touting top features, it’s been difficult to name a front runner to match head to head with the iPhone— that is, until now. DroidMatters is reporting that Samsung’s new Galaxy S II has reached the 5 million sales mark, and it hasn’t even launched in the U.S. or China yet…

The Samsung Galaxy S II now tops more than 10 European countries’ sales charts. The device also single-handedly garnered 56 percent of Korea’s mobile phone market, Samsung’s hometown.

The numbers are especially impressive when you consider that the phone is not yet available in China — home to nearly a billion cell phone users — or the U.S., another major smartphone destination. A version of the Galaxy S 2 is expected to launch on Verizon Wireless later this month.

The device sports a dual-core processor, 4.3-inch AMOLED Plus screen, and an 8MP camera with the ability to record videos in full HD. The phone is also expected to be 4G LTE-capable.

It appears that the Samsung vs. Apple battle has spilled out from the court room and into the smartphone arena. Now that we seem to have a front-running Android device, what will Apple do to respond? I guess we’ll have to wait until September to find out.

Are you impressed by the Galaxy S II at all? Or are you placing your bets on the iPhone 5?

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    Can we still make calls in these modern phone? hahahahah

    • That depends on how you hold your device.

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        huahua that’s a good point 😀

        but, these things do so many things these days that Im thinking if those who make this phone will not forget what the word “telephone” means huahau

    • Upgrade every time

      iPhones will rain supreme for a long time, not forever but a long time. It funny how nobody uses the term iPhone killer any more it got so over used on every new phone that came out with killer specifications yet nobody ever came close to beating it, why is that? Apple has great iOS support and iOS is built for the phone and the phone is built for iOS. Yes you end up paying more for apple but some times you get what you paid for.

    • Upgrade every time

      Android devices can be hacked and even made to spy on you by turning on camera or the microphone or calling a third party to listen In on your conversation or just sterling your stored passwords.

  • iam8bit

    i think that everyone’s just waiting for the iphone 5 launch. it’s gonna be a leader again, i’m sure.

    • anon

      well of course

      remember how old iphone 4 is, and still selling strong?

  • ChSchuldiner

    Hmm, Looks like an iPhone 4.

    • Pie

      No just no

      • ChSchuldiner

        Yes just yes. The positioning of the menu button, the speaker, and the camera mirror the iPhone…the GUI looks like the iPod app, and the overall just boxy design (unique the iP4) is just there. Deny it if you wish.

    • Jim

      Galaxy S II features are way better than the iPhone. I have an iPhone 4 and Galaxy S II. The Galaxy’s waaayyy better!!

      • Upgrade every time

        iPhone 4 is a year old phone, that’s so not fair but i will play. I’n 2 years from now i bet your sII will be worth half of a iPhone 4

  • Rufio

    Already made the switch here & honestly couldn’t be happier ! No more apple restrictions and no more waiting for jailbreaks !

    Sent from my GSII -Criskelo V6 f/w- FTW

  • Daniel

    I just upgraded from iphone 3GS to SII. I can confirm the phone is amazing, the big screen is amazing, and it’s a great phone for so many reasons, I was fed up with jailbreaking my iphone.

    • JoBerlin

      A friend has one of those. The big screen is amazing but the colours looked slightly blueish/greenish.

  • Dane

    If the iPhone 5 isn’t 4g I’m jumping ship

    • Chris

      U’ll be jumping ship then, personally I will be with you as soon as there is a nice Android handset, if they weren’t all plastic I probably wouldn’t have bought an iPhone 4 in the 1st place .. FFS Apple, i’m old enough to smoke, drink and vote yet i’m not allowed to theme or customise my phone, which I paid for in full I might add, without having to jailbreak !!

  • Woodydog

    I’m waiting to see what apple has comming for its next phone. If it don’t haver a bigger screen and specs close to the gs2 I’ll get the gs2 when it launches on AT&T. It might be nice a hole new os to figure out

  • James

    It does make me laugh though when looking at reviews of the S 2 they are always compared to the iPhone 4 and believe it or not, iPod touch 4th gen .. All the Apple haters big up the S 2 but are comparing a year old phone with a brand new 1, hmmmm, fair test much, is that the only way Android users can feel good about their devices? Compare the S 2 with the iPhone 5 when it’s out and then we’ll see how much better it is !!!

    • XFanboy

      iPhone 4 has had it’s limelight and now it’s being taken away – year old or not it’s being decimated in sales across the world & fast. As for the iPhone 5, unless Apple decide to act on the consumers side and allow the little things (eg; themeing) without jailbreaking, i doubt it will be any better at all.

      Apple’s quality assurance team better be on par too as i’m sick to death of whinging customers and sending iPhone 4’s away for a REFURBISHED replacement.

      Off here to serve a customer with their problematic iPhone 4.

      • James

        You just contradicted yourself, sales are slow for the iPhone 4 because it is a year old and people are waiting for the next iPhone, there the facts and as for theming etc, couldn’t agree more but let’s see what the figures suggest when it’s released !! The world is full of people with no taste which is why it doesn’t surprise me so many people buy the plastic pieces of shit handsets that are Android.

      • Fabio Rodrigues


        iphone 4 sales are slow??? hmmm yeah…
        they just announced another record in their quarter end, and the iphone 4 count on that I think

  • theVulcan

    shifted from iphone 3g to SGS II. Wife has iphone 4. I would go for SGS II again if she decides to change. SGSII is much better than iphone 4. Plus its android. This coming from someone who used iphone for 4 years. Jailbroke umpteen times.

  • Darth Vader

    Why are Android users not reading androiddownloadblog.com but busy criticizing apple here?

    • j

      cause it doesn’t exist.

    • Irha

      Because a lot of us are still using/maintaining iOS devices one way or the other. I now have two iPhone 2’s (used in airplane mode as gaming devices for kids), one iPhone 3G (used by the wife), an iPhone 4 (sitting on the sidelines for now, because I can’t get a reliable unlock) and an iPad 2. I myself switched to Android and love it, but still have to track the iOS news.

      • kyle

        I am in the same boat as many of the above readers. I made a lot of money selling and unlocking iPhones. But, there comes a time when I get tired of the games, like now. I maintain a 3gs, two iPhone 4s and my moms 3g. I have a htc Sensation with the specs of a SG II

  • Albion

    I do have an i4 for the moment. But I have done a lot of research on the sgs2. No matter what apple comes up with I don’t think they can top that monster. I have been a loyal iPhone user and visited this blog when it first started regulary. Because of android and samsung

  • Albion

    Amazing product I think I have a better device and operating system to toy myself with.
    Please IDB consider opening another blog for android. I will be following u there. I have enjoyed and learned a lot on this blog. Thank you for everything.

    Cannot wait to switch either verizon or t-mobile for the samsung galaxy s ||

  • Josh Lee

    I’m too overwhelmed with android phones right now. But if the iPhone 5 i is just the same thing with minor tweaks, I’m definitely switching.

  • MrA

    The iPhone 5 will be the phone to finally beat the iPhone 4.

  • ByteNapple

    It’s not just the hardware that we should compare here. Apple has such a rich ecosystem of software and apps and doesn’t have the malware that Android’s ‘open’ marketplace has. Before long Android fans will be using their smartphones as paper weights when they start getting blue screens of death

    • Irha

      Android Market does have that problem, being open, but it is noir alok they bad. If you never try any app that does nit have at least a few thousand downloads and at least 4 star rating, then you are pretty much completely safe. If you are not still comfortable then there are alternative market places like that of Amazon which are safer.

      Also, like Kurt said, it is noir that hard to switch. Almost every popular iOS app by now also has an Android version and if not there are equivalents. Don’t listen to the “iOS apps are better designed” crap, it is just bullshit. If you use Google services, you will really appreciate the better integration with the OS. The single sign on alone is worth it.

      • Irha

        Sorry about the typos.

  • Why Not

    Anti virus. Just like windows. Windows is not save, that’s why you are told to install an anti virus.

    • Kurt

      you don’t know this so ill teach you…windows has more viruses because its more popular so those creating viruses write the code for windows based systems. as apple becomes more popular more malware and viruses will be written for OSX.

      don’t act like apple is superior. its an unpopular system.

      • mhsamma

        @ Kurt: I couldn’t have said it any better. You sir are one of the FEW who truly know this fact. Nothing but a salute to you for stating the truth.

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        hum, a lot of androids are cheaper than iphones, which means they can sell more because of low value= more popular at people who don’t know how to operate because is a little more technical in some pates, plus, about the anti virus I just reminded that a lot of sprint salesman recommend their customers to installs some application that disable other things in the phone to save battery, something like SBsettings for the iphone, to save battery, they are admitting that phone don’t hold battery by itself with normal usage, of course some will prefer Androids over Iphones, but I’m very happy with my iphone 4, waiting for 5 just to show off, because for now, everything iphone 4 offers is good for, since its ipod app to team viewer app and its translators and the Airview but Jailbreak is still needed to make the iphone more attractive

        Unpopular system??? how many iDevices have been sold in these last 4 years??

  • RAWshadTX

    Samsung Galaxy S2 will be iPhone’s BIGGEST competitor. The Galaxy now does have a format in.software similar to the iPhone which is probably one of the reasons why its selling well but now its evolve into something else. It’s pretty much a beast at this point.

    4.3 inch screen plus AMOLED and a 8MP camera?? And thw muthafucka is dual core, shit, man.

    • Upgradeeverytime

      Yea apple sucks that’s why they are only the second largest company In the world! People only apple products cuz they feel sorry for apple.

  • SirAlSmooth

    I have to agree with Kyle and Irha. In the same boat. I haven’t had an IOS device in 6 mos. yet I regularly jailbreak/unlock/tweak them for plenty of people I know. My 3GS was like a demo device for jailbreaking, got me a lot of business showing off all the cool crap that I could make it do, and I work on cars. Go figure. But following the masses on IDB and Twitter, I do keep current with the standings on IOS and products because people will always want me to do up their devices the way they want em to be. However, having switched to Android, and gone back to a Sony Ericcson, I couldn’t be happier. Don’t get me wrong, IOS has its pro’s, but there’s a lot more Cons. I almost bought the Galaxy S myself, Samsung has a great product.

    But for those saying it looks like an Iphone4, lets be serious. It has rounded edges, a larger screen, its AMOLED, and it has SAMSUNG in BIG LETTERS written across the top of it. If you can’t tell the two apart, you are either A) An Idiot, or B) Just plain stupid. I don’t know where Apple comes up with these similarity law suits, do they really believe anyone looking at smartphones is that dumb?

    • mhsamma

      Lol. Can I choose both A & B for those people???

    • Upgrade every time

      Apple is the only premium brand phone, you can buy other phones but they all will be compared to the premium phone and second Place is all can be with an non premium phone

  • Andrea

    Well. SG II is a great phone, but when someone is using apple computers an iPhone with the new iOS5 will be the perfect companion. No way that I’m leaving my already bought apps. No way that I’m switching to a system that needs to be protected another time as Windows is.
    The question is: are you buying smartphones to play? Take one or another. Are you buying a smartphone to work in a synchronized way with your computer, without silly interruptions? There’s only one choice, jailbreak or not. And if you think there’s more than one, there are two possibilities: or you’re not really working or you’ve never gone deep into a Mac. If a person is using a Mac, iPhone is the choice for working.
    For playing… everything is a good choice, better if not so expensive.

    • Kurt

      HP is far superior for synergy between there devices then apple is…dont get too hung up with the apps. they are cheap and you can find alternatives on other systems. how many apps do you use in a day? 2? 3?

      • Andrea

        I’m sure I can find new apps. But the thing is: do I want to spend my time searching for other apps? Do I want to spend my time to export/import all my data to a new “system”?
        I’m using a lot of apps, because I’m doing a lot of things (as a freelancer), while I’ve been a Microsoft technician for 20 years (maybe, if you want, call me “nauseated from Microsoft and systems that don’t work from the very first second and continues to work all the time :).
        Really. I’m not one of those fanatics about Apple. I like very much SG II: it’s a awesome smartphone. But after 20 years working with PCs I really, really, really know that what I want is something that simply works, letting me do my job faster and with NO interruption.
        I perfectly understand the “customization will” of many users, but I’m over with it. If I need to put at risk my daily tasks, if I have to spend a lot of time looking for compatibilities problem between my Mac and my smartphone, only to personalize better my smartphone… I’d be a stupid.

        What I’m thinking about technology is that it serves people. The direction one person must take is a “system integrated” one. So, if you want Android, take Android and stay in Android. If you have a Mac, it’d be really too imaginative to have another smartphone than an iPhone (well, it depends how much you’re able to spend – but SG II isn’t a cheap one too).
        Last but not least, the BIG problem with HP is the operating system. I hope you comprehend.


  • Johari

    I love the iPhone 4 as well as all other apple products(except for the iPad).I think apple product is all about elegance..I have use all brand of mobile phone before since the birth of mobile phone and from my personal point of view no mobile phone beats the apple iPhone.it is the most beautiful mobile phone that I’ve use.there are too many android phones in the market and very hard to justify which one is better….and apple takes at least a year to come up with new models where else android pops up everymonth with new model….so can u guys keep up with those new models of android phones that keep popping up every month?…..

  • Shaun

    I just read through the posts, there are some interesting comments, I am tired of hearing how the apple OS (both computer and phone) is safer than other operating systems (windows 7 ,android etc). Just recently apple have had to patch the iOS twice in a matter of weeks because the system can be exploited. I have a jailbroken 3GS, if it wasn’t jailbroken I would have replaced it a while ago with an android phone. like most people I will wait and see what iPhone 5 offers – it would need to be a Hugh improvement to stop me from moving to an android device – don’t even start me on iTunes on a windows 64bit pc – it would have to be the worst peice of software on my computer.

    • Chris

      lol +1, most times I close it it crashes my graphics drivers and re-opens, same with safari.