Sebastien reviewed the Mobile Cloth last year, and he was right in calling it a “no-brainer” for iPhone and iPad users. The Mobile Cloth is the most effective and affordable screen cleaning cloth out there, and we at iDB use Mobile Cloths to clean our own tech.

The folks at Mobile Cloth have launched their latest cleaning weapon for the iPhone and iPad, and it’s called the MC Nano. It works exactly like the Mobile Cloth classic, but the MC Nano is a smaller cloth that easily fits in your pocket, backpack, or iPad case.

Guess what? We’re giving away 25 MC Nano packs!

That’s right, 25 lucky iDB readers will receive their very own MC Nano 2pack!! That means you’ll actually get two MC Nano cloths in one package.

“MOBiLE CLOTH is made of a unique high tech material consisting of microfibers 100 times thinner than a human hair! It is woven into a special pattern which we call “nubs”. Each nub acts like hundreds of tiny suction cups to pull fingerprints smudges, and all kinds of other junk away from the surface of your device and into the cloth with one or two swipes. No water or cleaning solution is needed.”

The MC Nano will clean your iPhone or iPad’s screen just like its bigger brother, but the MC Nano’s 4 x 4 dimensions make it a much more portable utility. The Mobile Cloth is made of a special material that makes it incredibly efficient at cleaning smudges and dirt off a device’s screen, and we at iDB have been using Mobile Cloths on all our tech (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.) for months. Once you go Mobile Cloth, you don’t go back.

How to Win Your MC Nano 2Pack

  1. Make sure you’ve ‘liked’ us on Facebook. If you haven’t yet, visit the iDB Facebook page and do so.
  2. Comment on the Facebook post for this article. Make sure to include your Twitter handle so we can contact you.
  3. Retweet this giveaway to your friends on Twitter. Make sure you’re following iDownloadblog on Twitter, or else we won’t be able to DM you if you win.

We’ll be contacting the 25 MC Nano giveaway winners in the next couple days via Twitter direct message. Again, you must have ‘liked’ us on Facebook and followed us on Twitter to be considered. Winners will be selected randomly. However, you can increase your chances of winning by leaving a funny/witty comment below with why you need the MC Nano in your life. Make sure to include your Twitter handle.

Also, this giveaway is open to all of our international readers! It doesn’t matter where you are in the world— enter to see if you win!

Good luck! And a big thanks to John and the guys at Mobile Cloth for sponsoring this giveaway.

UPDATE: Winners have been selected and contacted.

  • Tony

    @toeknee_G – I’m scared to touch my phone after some of my friends are done with it, that’s why I really need one. *shiver*

  • Idgaf:)

    This giveaway is pretty awesome!!

  • Chuck

    I’m always yelling at my kids “Get your grubby hands off my iPad!” With one of these I can save my vocal cords! @chuckfontenot

  • @achekulet Yey! my iWoji (iphone4) and iTotoro (ipad2) won’t have to bathe themselves with dirt everyday! 😀

  • Dkilluhh

    I just got a new iPhone and I could use an MC Nano cloth to keep my phone looking brand new and smudge free!

  • I would enjoy one of these!@davidrangel93

  • fcuk is stupid

    Mobile Cloth, I need you in my life
    You clean better than my wife

    There’s nothing more in this world
    I could need more more than your hurled
    sleek cleaning and white color pearled
    look, being in my pocket un-twirled

    You’ll keep my iPhone super clean
    there’s nothing else in between
    your ability to keep it lean
    of dirt and disgusting things

    I hope I win you because you’re super cool
    I’ll even take you up to my bedroom and push my wife in the pool.


  • Chris

    Here we go again, can any of you guys actually read ffs, it say’s reply on the facebook page and include your twitter address, NOT ON HERE !!

    • Chris

      My bad, I didn’t read it properly either it seems hahaha

    • Michael

      Winners will be selected randomly. However, you can increase your chances of winning by leaving a funny/witty comment below with why you need the MC Nano in your life. Make sure to include your Twitter handle.

      It seems sir that YOU did not read. Don’t worry I put my foot in my mouth too

  • soccerkrzy

    Hooray, yet another iDB giveaway I am ineligible for because I don’t have Twitter.

    • Dan

      I hear ya.

    • Chris

      LOL Twitter is utter shit isn’t it, at least Facebook you keep in touch with real friends, Twitter is pointless unless you are following blogs like this for upto date news.

  • Zachary Hardy

    I would love one !! My iPhone screen is always getting dirty I’m @ZHARDY16 on twitter !

  • Shannon

    Those of us who don’t have Twitter should be eligible…

  • MrA

    I don’t do Facebook, but because of the review, I may just purchase me one of these.

  • Jun Wei

    @junwei_95 I love this giveaway. I need this Magic Cloth because I want to make my iPhone screen as shiny as possible! 🙂

  • John

    Sweet but I’m not on twitter?

  • davd

    cant comment cos imat scool or use twitter

  • Pawandeep khurana

    @pawandeepsinghk , i need this cloth coz i use my phone in a very harsh manner so i jeed this to clean my phone from time to time lolz

  • Tony

    Thanks for giveaway. A portable efficient cloth will be especially nice for iPhone 4 as mine is eternally smudged. The worst is sunblock + phone call, which is all the time during the summer months. The iPad is a little better with it’s smart cover but it streaks often from the vertical creases. @agleung

  • Ace

    I need a nano cloth because without it my iPhone and iPad screen will be so dirty and then how am I supposed to be able to read all the iDownload blogs?! 0.0

  • Michael

    For the people who keep posting their twitter accounts and don’t bother to read.

  • subrat kuamr

    In India , dust is everywhere..Its very hard to clean my iphone without putting a hairline scratch on its delicate screen.. So I think..i shud get one..will wait for the winning mail…!/subratkumar2

  • Michael

    nvm MODS please take this down, I actually am one of the people that didn’t read this time 🙁 Sorry Alex

    “Winners will be selected randomly. However, you can increase your chances of winning by leaving a funny/witty comment below with why you need the MC Nano in your life. Make sure to include your Twitter handle.”

  • Crazyglues

    I want one…

  • Johnny

    Super Cool…

  • Johnny

    Just for extra care, here is my twitter.!/JohnnySaliba

  • Alyssa

    Because the iDB guys are sexy. Especially Sebastien. @amobradovich

  • Yaron

    I like to win in any giveaway 🙂 @3Dimension

  • Matt Palmer

    Sweet! @MattPalmerr

  • Diego

    @castrodieg i want a cleaning rag for my iPhone!

  • Priyank Nauni

    This cloth sounds extremely handy. Cleans smudges and germs without water? Amazing. Now if only they made a man sized version, I’d never have to shower!

    Twitter Account :- @priyanknauni

  • Luis

    i really need that because i own the ipad and iphone and they are crying to be shinning hahaha !

  • DNL

    I need these cous I like the fast food !!! @dpenafiel