According to China Times, the iPhone 5 is set to be released in the second week of September with an opening order of 4 million units. This speculation lines up with current predictions.

According to suppliers, 400,000 trial units are currently being prepared. The news report goes on to say that the next generation iPad may be delayed until Thanksgiving due to component shortages…

There has been a shroud of mystery surrounding the features and appearance of the iPhone 5, but recent leaked case designs suggest a curved, tapered down look— while others have said that it will resemble the iPhone 4 design.

While the track record of the China Times has been a little shady, they do seem to be close to Apple’s suppliers in China and could very well have knowledge of the production plans. Reuters had reported eariler that the iPhone 5 would have a September release and start production in July.


  • BLiNK

    thats it. i told myself if i read one more iP 5 rumor i will kick my dog..

    • Aisim


    • SirAlSmooth

      Let us know how that dog kicking ends up.

    • Vittorio

      You’re dog told himself, that if his owner read one more iPhone 5 rumor he would kick him.

    • adrian

      poor dog… will probably die from ur kicking….

  • AMB

    The sooner this thing comes out, the sooner we get iOS5 and the sooner we get a jailbreak. GET IT OUT!!!!

  • Dane

    Sounds legit. Better have a bigger screen and 4g. It’ll be really pathetic if Apple comes out w a 4th device all at least a year apart and theyre still using the same tech. 3G is so old and slow

  • Zainal

    Come on.. Wait again.. Untill when i wanna get my ipad… Huh…

  • Zainal

    Come on.. Wait again..

  • Jason Masters

    I just saw the htc sensation 4g for Tmobile and I love apple but man that phone is damn awesome !!!

  • Twited21

    Viva ip4

  • Wikk

    My dog could fly too

  • iCharles

    Second week of September if fine, my Bday is in September so an iPhone 5 sounds like a GREAT bday gift 😀

    oh and @Jason Masters: my brother had the new HTC Sensation and it was nothing special, he returned it before the 14 day return policy was up. Definitely would suggest you wait for the iPhone5!!

    • Jason Masters

      Are you serious I was planning on getting it Friday what was the drawbacks the battery or android?

      • James

        You need hands like shovels to hold it it’s that big, that’s 1 drawback lol

  • Qiren

    My birthdays’s in September. I hope someone would be kind enough to gift it to me

  • LT916

    Hell yeah! I love Apple!!! Getting one fo’ sho’

  • Virgin boy

    Planning on getting an iphone 5 in september, Plus its my bday in sept, i would have sex in celebration of iphome 5 ohh yeah!!!

    • kadz

      Me too

  • Shannon

    Why would Apple release the iPad 3 only six months after the iPad 2? Not buying it…

    • Alex

      They released the iPad 2 within 6 months so why not the iPad 3

  • i have just bought an iphone 4, so cool 😀

  • Jamie

    Hmm, I’m looking at this for my first iPhone ever. Always been a Nokia man, now gone off them and was looking at HTCs. Sept release works for me. My upgrade is due Nov and gives Apple time to bug fix if there are any.

  • goofygreek

    thought the ipad 2 came out almost a year after the first one.

    • goofygreek

      that was suppose to be a reply to Alex..