Yesterday, we showed you some renderings of a purported iPhone 5 case, leaked by a Chinese accessory manufacturer. Today, we don’t just have drawings- we have an actual product.

9to5Mac just published photos of what they believe to be an actual iPhone 5 case. The accessory matches previous reports that Apple’s next smartphone will sport a thinner design, with a curved back and a larger display…

With the iPhone 5 slated to launch in the next month or 2, a lot of folks have been wondering where the usual case leaks were. It’s well known that once a manufacturer starts gearing up for production of a new product, case-makers offer top dollar for design tips to get a head start.

The folks over at 9to5Mac believe that the leaked case is “indicative” of the next-generation iPhone’s design. If nothing else, then at least of a prototype design that has landed in Asian manufacturing plants in recent weeks.

Not only does the case reflect rumors of a redesigned iPhone 5, it also echoes the mockup we posted yesterday. So could this be the real deal? Maybe.

On one hand, the iPad 2 cases we saw leak a month before the device launched were spot on. In fact, 9to5Mac went hands-on with an actual iPad 2 case more than 2 weeks before it was announced.

On the other hand, Apple’s surely aware of the problems with their overseas supply chain leaking information. It’s possible that Steve Jobs and company have been shopping around different prototypes to different manufacturers.

Here’s hoping that the case’s design holds true, as iPhone users have been waiting for years for a larger screen. A slimmer profile with a curved iPod Touch-esque back wouldn’t hurt either.

What do you think?

  • Dan

    I think that case look like a iPod Touch 5g.

    • no it has some buttons that only the iphone has!Who knows?We will wait and see

      • Thomas

        Yea, the headphone jack is on top. not the bottom, like the iPod Touch.

  • yeah also the iphone has 2 things on the bottom.the one is a microphone and the other is for the audio.the ipod touch has only the audio one!!Anyway

  • Chris

    Where will the power button be? I don’t see a cutout for it on the top right. Interesting.

    • George

      Look closer at top picture. there is a button…

  • Sandman

    “A slimmer profile with a curved iPod Touch-esque back wouldn’t hurt either.”

    As an owner of an iPod touch 4, I can tell ya, that you don’t want the slimmer curved back like that of the iPod touch 4. It’s uncomfortable, at least for any length of time and the volume buttons are virtually impossible to press with your left hand without running the risk of sending it flying out of your hand. The previous design versions of the iPod touch were far better then the current iPod touch. Then again seeing as how they need to make room for the far better camera then in the iPod touch it may not be as slim thus the slimness and curved back may not be an issue with the iPhone.

    • yeah im also an ipod touch 4 owner and i can confirm it!!they are hard to press and difficult with one hand

  • Woodydog

    I hope that’s it bigger screen and rounded off back. I like the feel of the 3G to the 4

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    I hoped that they changed the distance between camera and flash, because you have to cut some cases to not have the flash affecting the picture 🙁

  • lance

    thats not a new case if you look carryfully it is the same old 3g case… the volume button are on the left there ust been hidden a little in the picture you can see the cut out line….

  • Jesus

    Has enybody noticed the new Camera+ update? It says “Compatibility with that upcoming OS That Must Not Be Named”
    The question is, are they talking about iOS 5?
    The obvious thing would be that they are but they didn’t actually say “iOS 5” so I think there’s something deeper here!

  • iCharles

    Personally I love the look of the iPhone 4 with the flat/squared body and glossy glass back. Not too into the whole curved, brushed aluminum back idea.

    Either way no matter wat it looks like, I just want the iPhone 5 to come out already because I’m itching to switch from T-mobile to either AT&T or Verizon to get it! Ugh I cant wait anymore! **anyone have a preference between Verizon and AT&T for iPhones?

  • davd

    that is an ipod touch 4g case you stupid duffer

  • Pie

    I recon the new iPhone design is gonna look gay I’ll stick to the only good looking one the iPhone 4. dual core processor and better camera and other small features isent a big deal breaker to me phones are fast anouth

  • Jedoonat

    Nope. There is no way that this case is right. Why? Because wasn’t Apple working on repositioning the LED flash?? So if they were, this case would be wrong. And with the next iPhone, Apple need to step up with a dual core processor, if not something better than the Samsung Galaxy S II. There has to be a lot of hardware changes. At least beef up the internals by 5x. Getting a lil sick of Android copying, and then try to one-up on everything.

  • Chris

    This just looks like an iPhone 3G(S) case but with a flash.

  • Erik

    Guys, does it look wider to you? Or is it just because it is thinner it is deceiving?

  • boscotherock

    my brain finally kicked in, and after a couple days of thinking and i finally realized what is wrong with this case and why its a fake. if you notice, the cut out for the silent switch on the side is on the wrong side of the phone, i really dont think apple would just up and change the button layout to confuse people. no way this is real.