Yesterday we told you about the secret Facebook for iPad app that was hidden inside the current, iPhone-only app. A workaround was discovered that allowed anyone to enable the official Facebook for iPad application with a few quick steps.

Not too soon after Facebook for iPad got leaked, Facebook actually started blocking access to the hidden iPad app. Now, the jailbreak community has come to our rescue again, and we’ve got a new teak that will re-enable the secret Facebook app on a jailbroken iPad…

FaceForward by jailbreak developer Chpwn is now available in Cydia for those wishing to re-enable Facebook for iPad.

“Re-enable Facebook’s iPad app. Facebook recently accidentally released their iPad app, but after TechCrunch posted about it, they quickly moved to disable access to Facebook from it. FaceForward removes that restriction, allowing you to use Facebook for iPad right now.”

To install FaceForward, you’ll of course need a jailbroken iPad. To jailbreak the iPad 2, follow these steps. For the iPad 1, you can use RedSn0w. For both devices, you should be on iOS 4.3.3.

Once you’ve got a jailbroken iPad with the Facebook for iPhone app installed, head over to Cydia and install FaceForward for free from the BigBoss repo. You shouldn’t have to tweak any settings or edit any files. FaceForward will simply enable Facebook for iPad!

Let us know if this trick worked for you! Do you like Facebook for iPad?

  • Kaman

    Works for me and is absolutely brilliant!

  • Angi

    So far it looks great and works great 🙂

  • christopher g

    The app is great

  • James

    Worked perfect!


  • Funked

    Working perfect. Hopefully Facebook can’t somehow tell which jailbroken users are using the leaked app, it would suck if they started suspending FB accounts for violating one of their policy’s or something silly.

  • Morgan

    I’ve been using another app so it will be a bit of a learning curve to use the Facebook app. Never-the-less i’ve downloaded it and will give it a try.

  • Firecracker

    Yea!! It’s about time! Works great!

  • Brian

    So can anyone shed some light on what the tweak is actually doing to enable access again?

  • rambo

    i needed to both install the FaceForward and follow TechCrunch edit plist 1 to 2 to re-enable fb for ipad

  • Devil

    Once again I start loving facebook..

  • frandsen

    Works great

  • eduardo

    Works? Not for mi 🙁 i have ipad 2 on 4.3.3 helpppppp

  • worked like a charm. thanks for this.

  • andrew

    umm…. FaceForward is not showing up in Cydia. I read it would be under the BigBoss repo, but I didn’t see it under the source destination on Cydia. Any ideas?

  • eduardo

    I do not know what they might do, did everything right and does not work. Facebook does not appear on the menu fullforce

  • wadrockzz

    iPad 2 on 4.3.3 and just did this. WORKS GREAT! Thanks!

  • Geoff

    Worked great on my iPad 1 w/3G and 4.3.3