This morning we told you about an interesting clue on Apple’s website that hinted at a future iPod touch equipped with 3G data connectivity. An iPod touch with a 3G signal indicator in the status bar was displayed on Apple’s own website, and we thought that it was maybe just an honest mistake by someone in Apple’s web design department.

Apple apparently got word of this slipup, too, and they’ve just replaced the very same graphic with a Wi-Fi-only iPod touch!

iDB reader Mecie tipped us this news moments ago. If you visit right now, you’ll see the above image with an iPod touch on Wi-Fi. However, this morning, the very same image looked like this:

Rumors have been that Apple will introduce a 3G-equipped iPod touch this Fall and pitch it is an ‘iPhone lite’ of sorts for the prepaid market. There hasn’t been any real concret evidence to support this rumor, but what we just discovered definitely hints at something. Either we were on to something here, or Apple just got lazy and corrected a simple mistake.

What do you think? Does this hint at a 3G iPod touch this Fall?

UPDATE: We’ve been getting multiple tips that Apple’s website for UK, Singapore and Germany still display the old graphic.

  • Ken

    We don’t need 3G iPod touch.
    We just need 3G macbook.

    • Brian

      Amen to that.

      • Max

        That is more that true. With an unlimited data plan of course.

    • me

      agreed. although i think a 3g ipod touch would be somewhat nice 😉

  • Dan

    I think the 3G iPod coming out soon. I saw in the apple itune page the iPod touch had a 3G on it, now they changed it to wifi. I don’t know I’m pretty they found out reading from this source. lol.

  • Dustin

    If Apple removed It from their page, this could mean we would see a 3G iPod Touch. We’ll see what Steve Jobs will say on the next Press Conference.

    • In my opinion, it actually won’t really tell us that there will be a iPod Touch with 3G. Keeping the image there will make people curious and think that there will be an iPod Touch with 3G, and then removing it, some people think that it because Apple doesn’t want to spill the secret early. Double edge sword(different sides, both sharp/different ideas, same thought)

  • yes, it will have 3G. i predicted this like a month ago and tweeted about it in a mention to @idownloadblog, along with stuff about the iPhone 5.
    mind you, i predicted it before all the 3G ipod rumours started – have a look at my tweet if you care to scroll down far enough (yea i tweet a lot haha)

    -j-ust a note, please update the other article to credit @WonkieInc who originally told me about the picture showing the 3G ipod

    • Lol thanks man

      And I think it was more that a month ago when you said it and I was all like ‘why would they’ then you explained why it’s so plausible lol.

      BRING ON THE IPOD TOUCH 3G + WIFI (with a redesign so no silly impractical curved sides and impossible volume buttons)

    • I think it was more that a month ago when you said it and I was all like ‘why would they’ then you explained why it’s so plausible lol.

      BRING ON THE IPOD TOUCH 3G + WIFI (with a redesign so no silly impractical curved sides and impossible volume buttons)

    • BobbyTorino

      Wow way to go Gravemind…… You must be very flexible to reach around to give yourself a nice pat on the back. What other tricks are good at for self acknowledgment and gratification….

  • topsy

    This shows that there is no blog apple doesn’t read. Even IDB. Yes sure it is an indication ipod 3G coming this fall.

  • Eddie
    • kokhean


  • Omarjk13

    I mean why not, the iPad is capable, and the ipod is going to need 3g capability with the new iOS 5 and all, i am 100% sure its coming before mid 2012. Plus Apple doesn’t make mistakes they only give clues.!?

    • W

      Agreed! Then imessage cOuld be like bbm

  • Podphone

    Idk, I think iPod with 3G will decrease the sales of iPhone in the future, knowing that iPod is cheaper than iPhone. since Apple never make many difference between them, ppl will buy Android/ Blackberry as their phone, and use iPod 3G for gaming and better browsing.

    • Aleks

      why would anyone want to carry around 2 devices when you can have all-in-one. only the battery issues comes to mind

    • Chris

      Who says the iPod with 3g will be cheaper, for all any1 knows it could increase in price dramatically.

  • daio

    The German store still has the image up too:

  • robert

    I think to create hype around the new ipod and iphone apple should drop little hidden hints like these until the release. that would be a pretty cool and creative marketing idea!

  • Dan

    still says 3g on the uk page…

  • Aleks

    i like roberts idea ^

  • I don’t like ipod touch and I don’t like ipod touch me

  • wtf? a 3G appeared then they removed it and replaced it with wi-fi.30 minutes ago the 3G ipod touch came back and now we have wi-fi again.What’s happening?

  • Well I think that apple just took the screenshot of an iPhone for the iPod. Also there isn’t a play sign in the 3G one only Bluetooth and the battery whereas in the wifi one it has the play sign…. So maybe the 3G one is fake

  • Max >>3G logo still there. (german apple site)

  • you’ve gotta laugh…..

    I wonder who got FIRED over this one!

  • David

    I’ve been wanting a 3G enabled, pocketable data device for longer than the iPhone has existed, but the current iPod touch is not really suited for that task. Personally I think the screen is too small, but I’m sure millions of others would disagree.

    However, nobody can dispute the fact that the iPod touch has terrible battery life compared to the iPhone. Leaving WiFi turned on drains the battery in a matter of hours. Adding a power sucking 3G chip would only make things worse, especially if it forced the already pint sized battery to get any smaller.

    My preference would be for the 3G touch (or a product with a new name) to grow to 4.5″. That would allow it to stay really thin, but accommodate a much bigger battery. The larger display would make it friendly to baby boomer eyes without being too big to hold in one hand.

  • ron

    it’s just a mistake of a graphic designer (I am one, and I have done a lot of this small errors)

  • Frankie

    Logo still in the UK store

  • Agreed. Court adjourned. But that rumour still exists. I wonder if Apple will get back on track after Steve’s death. I’m guessing there will not be too much of an improvement in the 5th generation of the iPod touch. If it was a leak, what’s the point?? The iPod touch has text messaging. Get the Textfree app, Facetime over 3G, and release it, you’re basically an iPhone without the money. I wouldn’t get the point of a 3G capable device because the iPhone 4/4S already has a personal hotspot. Only rumours, although I’m guessing it was a mistake. And yes, it was on the Apple site here in Surrey.