While it’s generally accepted that Android smartphones sell like hot cakes, it might not all be good news for the platform. According to one report, the strong sales figures may mask an underlying problem that Android-packing smartphones face— keeping the sale.

TechCrunch has reported today that Android return rates could be as high as 30-40%. For comparison, Apple’s iPhone sees a return rate in the single digits….

Citing the always reliable “people familiar with handset sales'” and listing Samsung as an example, TechCrunch’s John Biggs claims that Android handset buyers are finding their new purchases a little too confusing, with average buyers not being taken in by the trappings of an ‘open’ operating system. This results in more people handing their Android devices back in for a less ‘open’ and ‘complicated’ smartphone.

Of course, whether Android really is open or not depends on how you look at it.

“For the “average” phone user, however, Android is a maze. Anecdotally, I’ve heard of multiple examples of folks who bought an Android phone in order to “Think Different” and came away disappointed when faced with the glaring differences between Android and a friend’s iPhone or Blackberry.”

Ironically, it’s the often complicated nature of Android that draws in many of its most vocal fans, with the opportunity to customise almost all facets of a smartphone proving to be a big plus for those so inclined. Thankfully the iPhone has the jailbreak community.

Unfortunately for Google, it appears many consumers also finding Android’s extensive options and customization off-putting, with the iPhone’s simplicity acting as an antidote to the powerful, yet complicated, Android virus.

  • Tr

    It’s because there are so many bugs in android

  • Chris

    I’m actually surprised that so many Android handsets get sold in the first place, I didn’t think there were so many people in the world with no taste whatsoever and who actually like the feel of a cheap plastic in their hands, not to mention most Android handsets actually mask most people’s hands, being that they are all the size of house bricks.

    • AppleBits

      LOL – 😀


  • Tr

    They are cool at first, but not anymore

  • me

    So got are saying majority of iPhone (non-jailbreak of course) user are technologically incompetent.

  • jailbroken

    Lets face it folks.
    If the Iphone was not able to get jailbroken then its like living in the North Korea.
    “Only do what is allowed”
    But since the Iphone is able to jailbreak its OK to buy them

    • LOLZ


    • LOLZ

      Nope, jail breaking is highly overrated and only those who fap over applying ugly themes care as much as you.

  • Chazz

    i read the techcrunch article, i’m sorry, but that’s just some poor and unprofessional journalism.

  • Leon

    I like the picture, pretty amazing ! !

  • Jano

    Actually there are pretty cool Android phones (I personally like Samsung galaxy) BUT the majority of Android phones are crap, and cannot get the OS to it’s full potencial… so it’s the manufactures fault :-\

  • Brandon

    yeah honestly if android was more stable i’d switch right away. I have yet to hold a snappy android phone in my hand. HTC Evo was super laggy. Dorid X too. Samsung Galaxy (T-mobile) was the least laggy but still bad. Oh well I’ll stick with my 3GS.

  • ScaredOfSteve
  • anon

    You can not have the phenomenal growth rate that Android and SUCK at the same time. People talk to each other. Who posted this article? Shame on you.

  • Willmatrix

    1. that story was proven incorrect. 2. the #1 reason for Android phones is people Rooting trying to add a custom rom and bricking the phone. 3. Android currently holds 47% of the market share and apple only has 27%