One of the much anticipated features of iOS 5 is the ability to launch the camera app directly from your lockscreen.

That featured spawned the popular jailbreak tweak entitled CameraLock — a tweak that mimicked the functionality featured in iOS 5.

Now, it appears that CameraLock has gone on to inspire its own derivative of sorts, a jailbreak tweak entitled LockLauncher, which enables you to launch apps directly from the lockscreen.

But it’s not just the ability to launch apps that makes LockLauncher special; no, it’s the ability to launch multiple apps sequentially that really makes this tweak stand out…

While at first, LockLauncher may seem like CameraLock on steroids, it’s much more than that. Not only can you assign up to five app shortcuts to your lockscreen, it also gives you the ability to launch more than one app.

Once you tap the app that you want to launch, simply unlock your iPhone, and the selected app will launch immediately. If you select more than one app prior to unlocking, each app will launch sequentially once the prior app is closed.

If this sounds a bit confusing, you’ll really benefit from watching the video, which shows LockLauncher in all its multiple app launching glory.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, I highly recommend that you check out LockLauncher; it’s available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.00.

What do you think, folks?

  • lindberg

    Im not sure what the point of all this is. Some will no doubt find this perfect, but I have to ask — why have a lock screen at all if you’re gonna clutter it all up? What I’d like to see is a “scrub forward 30 seconds” button in ipod’s podcast mode. Anyone? Buehler???

    • nil

      its very difficult to make these tweaks… there are over 700 lines of coding…. what have you done except of hating and pirating tweaks/apps

    • Jasonrn2000

      Podcaster app has 30 sec scrub. Forward and back.

  • ur mother

    keep that to ur self dude this is a web site for people who want to no about it, if u dont like it go to the next tweak or leave the site, i hate when people complain about the tweaks and app that are on here.

    • Chris

      “What do you think, folks?” .. do you see what Jeff wrote there, if you don’t understand English, he’s asking what people think, yes, that’s comments, whether you like it or not you douche .. Seriously, what wud be the point of a comments box at all if people only put how good something was.

    • Chris

      Back to the matter in hand though, I like this tweak, I do think it would look better if the icons were somehow incorporated into the opaque bars like the slider and clock just so it tied into the whole look better but that’s just personal prefernace..Another good vid Jeff.

  • I find this super helpful.

  • chizZo

    does it work together with lockscreen?

    • chizZo

      *lockinfo i mean sry

      • akhil tolani

        Yes it works perfect

  • chizZo

    cool, thx for the info 🙂

  • AltF4

    Akhil, is has a memory leak (far from perfect).
    Test by turning on and off screen multiple times.

    BTW, this app should be more like QuickDo with smaller transparent icons and scrollable.

  • lindberg

    I haven’t hated or pirated anything and I’m not complaining. In fact, I often purchase tweaks even if I know I’m not going to use them just to support the developers. It’s just a suggestion for a tweak, that’s all!

    • moob

      this isnt a suck-up but i hate when folk dont read other’s comments properly and then go on a flaming tyrade with their brainfarts. it’s plain to see that nowhere in your comment did you hate anything

  • numbnuts

    I found CameraLock highly annoying as it would often activate accidentally and the first you’d know about it was your jean pocket and leg got increasingly hotter. this implementation of having to unlock AFTER selection seems a much better method.

  • Chris

    The 1 thing I don’t like with this tweak is if you choose say 4 icons which I did, it doesn’t autospace just leaves a space at the end as if you have 5 and 1 is blank which tbh looks bad

    • TiT

      Lol beaten to it 🙂

      • Chris


  • TiT

    its good but one thing I dont like is when you have less than 5 icons the spacing doesnt equalize across the screen leaving them all spaced to the left. the lockscreen has to look good if icons are being added so justifying them across the width would look a little neater imo.

  • J-

    FINALLY! Love, Love, Love this tweak! I used to use a tweak like this back in the day when the 3G was first released with Cydgets. I missed it very much. Especially if you use your phone (bluetooth) in your car. To be able to quickly launch certain apps is fantastic, the more your eyes stay on the road the better.


  • David

    The only thing I can fault with it is the fact that you need to press the app then unlock, I would like it if I could just tap the app then it opens the app no sliding maybe an option for to slide and not slide could be added? Though it’s a good app non the less, also I noticed that when your selecting the app the white shadow is off to the left a little, the app spacing when less than 5 apps and I think a cancel your selection though thats not much of an issue these are just things i think should and could be added in future updates.

  • good, but can’t find any benefits of it =))