Do you remember the photos of a T-Mobile-branded iPhone BGR published a few months ago? The device was believed to be an internal Apple test unit for a couple of reasons, one of them being the custom “Confidential and Proprietary” text on the lock screen.

Well now, jailbreakers can add custom text to their lockscreens too, thanks to Internalizer. Chpwn’s latest TweakWeek entry allows you to place text on your lockscreen to use as a reminder or display contact info in case your device is lost…

Internalizer’s options can be adjusted from the Settings app. Here you can type in your custom text that will display when your iPhone’s screen is locked. The message (as you can see in the photo above), appears just above the unlock slider.

I use LockInfo, so the text actually gets in the way of other data I have on my lock screen. But it’s a cool utility nonetheless and I’m sure a lot of people will find it entertaining if not useful. Internalizer is available in Cydia (in the default repos) for free.

What do you think of Internalizer?

  • James

    Another pointless tweak .. Waste of time imo, I bet there aren’t many people who would return an iPhone if they found 1 and I can’t see what other reason there would be to have 3 lines of custom text on the lockscreen.

  • Binder Singh

    Or even more clevererer…

    Add the required text to the image file of your chosen lock screen wallpaper, using any multitude of free apps. No jailbreak or extra power/ memory consumption needed.

  • whine as much as you like but I actually like this tweak.

    • Chris

      Who’s whining you tit, it’s a matter of opinion whether you like something or not, Cody wrote “What do you think of Internalizer?” hence people leaving comments, STFU and move on if you don’t like people having a difference of opinion to yours.

  • ur mother

    lol its not ur web site lol so get over it people. he can put what ever he wants on it. if you dont like it get off the site and try another one

  • Tom

    The best use for this would be to put an ICE (In Case Of Emergency) contact number on a locked home screen for paramedics.

  • Aleks

    i agree with tom

  • mallouk

    u mentioned using lockinfo in the article, I did use it for 1-2 months and noticed a high battery life drain, after removing it, my battery’s life increased 2x ot 3x, do u have a solution for that or using lockinfo will keep draining battery?

    • I actually don’t notice much of a difference in battery life with/without LockInfo.
      I require it though, to quick-read emails, so my opinion is probably skewed.