Apple has released iOS 4.3.5 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This update is now available in iTunes and fixes an apparent security vulnerability with certificate validation.

iOS 4.3.5 can be applied to your iDevice by updating your software in iTunes.

Jailbreakers are obviously warned to stay away from this update, or else you will lose your jailbreak.

We do expect the Dev Team to release an update to RedSn0w that will allow for a tethered jailbreak as they’ve done previously, but the untethered jailbreak has been killed by Apple.

For that reason, we advise anyone who really cares about their jailbreaking abilities to stay far away from iOS 4.3.5. It’s a relatively minor update anyway.

For CDMA iPhone users, Apple has released iOS 4.2.10.

All latest firmwares can be downloaded from our download section.

Thoughts on Apple’s consistent flow of iOS updates?

  • Rick

    Seeing as they give no advantage to jailbreakers we honestly don’t give an ish about it. We’re only waiting for the new stuff, the goods, the awesomeness of the stuff that’s meant to come out in the fall.

    • ur mother


  • Roli

    What is “certificate validation” ? 🙂

  • NPK06

    Apple seems not to give a ish either. They get their stuff out, and when users detect a problem, they fix it and release another firmware… It seems there isn’t any testing on those things before the release.

  • Shaz

    well im still impressed.. they come out with an update right away once they are aware of a problem.. i dont see bb doing something like that ( sad news about the lay off btw) or samsung, HTC phones, etc..
    thats why i advocate the iphone so much.. they are always up to date with their products.

  • Ur daddy


  • jd


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  • Shaun

    It was only a few weeks back they fixed another security issue – do apple do any testing? My 3GS plan is up in a few months – I can’t wait to get out of the apple ecosystem, in particular iTunes on a 64 bit version of windows 7 is terrible as it constantly crashes. Outside the USA we don’t all have unlimited Internet plans to constantly download updated firmware or iTunes updates every few weeks.

    • kokhean

      For iOS 5, the OTA updates will be delta updates.

  • Jerry

    you can actually still restore to 4.3.3. i just did it have to dosome alternations to the server stuff but like yea it works. afterwards you only need to use fixrecovery. i just did it today cuz my iphone kept over heating. try it yourself. maybe i was lucky but it worked for me.