T-Mobile USA has declared an all-out war on the iPad 2, claiming that the “G-Slate” tablet is both faster and cheaper.

In a new tablet comparison page on the company’s website, T-Mobile pits the hugely popular iPad 2 against the Android-powered Motorola Xoom, listing specifications and costs for both tablets. Unsurprisingly, the only tablet of the three that T-Mobile has on its network comes out on top, with the G-Slate receiving the most praise…

“The Android-powered T-Mobile G-Slate with Google is more than two times faster than the Apple iPad 2 on AT&T and Verizon, and three times faster than the Motorola Xoom on Verizon—and it’s less expensive, too.”

While it has to be agreed that the G-Slate is indeed the cheaper of the three, we find ourselves taking umbrage with T-Mobile’s claims that its own horse in this race is actually the fastest.

Granted, T-Mobile is obviously talking about its network speeds here, rather than the speed of the actual hardware, but even then we’re still not convinced. T-Mobile is currently marketing its HSPA+ network as 4G, something we just can’t quite get behind.

When BGR got in touch with T-Mobile to clear things up, the site was told that the tablet speed tests were carried out by an independent entity over a selection of locations.

“An independent third party conducted testing to compare T-Mobile’s G-Slate, AT&T’s iPad 2 and Verizon Wireless’ Motorola XOOM,” a T-Mobile spokesperson told BGR in an email. ”The testing was conducted in two cities – New York and Seattle – across 30 locations and at least five repetitions with each device per location per market. The total sample size was 300 tests encompassing at least 70 percent of a market.”

Admittedly, T-Mobile’s network may be nice and speedy, but we think we’d rather take the iPad’s interface and apps over Android’s offering any day of the week.

We suspect T-Mobile would, too.

  • Jon Garrett

    “we think we’d rather take the iPad’s interface and apps over Android’s offering any day of the week.”

    Speak for yourself., some of us would rather have Android’s interface, flexibility and customization and apps over apple’s any day of the week.

    PS. the “number of tablet specific” apps argument doesn’t hold water anymore. non-tablet specific apps are plentiful and just fine on my Galaxy 10.1

    • Pie

      Yeah boi

    • Sean

      Then why are you in this site?

    • Acolz


    • Steve

      Maybe its just me, but I think they’re both good for different purposes, I use a galaxy tab for work, scheduling and emailing, and use an ipad to play games on my way to work. It just doesn’t make sense to me to have one device to use for all purposes

  • Ehsan

    jealous much?

  • RAWshadTX

    This dude admitted the network speed is faster than AT&T, yet wanna say oh well we got apps.

    Muthafucka if this was about apps then yeah, but its not. Funny how when its not about performance people wanna bring up apps lol.

    Apple apps > Android apps though.

  • Don’t u guys learn anything from the internet?

    If you’re in an idevice blog, of course, they’ll more likely to prefer idevices. Go to an android blog, and they will prefer android. Simple as that. Use common sense here, please.

  • Anonymous

    Declares war? I really wish people weren’t so cavalier about terms they must not understand. And honestly, at this point, who cares? The iPad is well established and fanboys should accept that other tablets are going to enter the market without getting their feathers ruffled.