Apple just launched a new TV commercial for the iPad 2. Nothing really original here as Apple is still trying to touch our emotions, and of course they succeed.

This ad is titled “We’ll Always,” and it shows that we’ll never stop doing the things we love, but with the iPad we’ll do them in amazing new ways…

[Thanks @AlexRunzo]

  • MrA

    I like the subtle reference to OSX lion.

  • I wish I would him

  • Paul

    I clicked the screenshot 5 times before realizing it was a picture. I feel smart.

    • AMB

      Sebastien, you misleading sob 😛

  • babeh

    nice meeting app, Cisco?
    Always nice ad from apple, piano sound background, nice voice,new app, smiling kids.

  • jared

    they are trying to brainwash us to buy lion 0.o but that doesnt matter because i already have it 🙂