Remember the rumor that Apple would introduce a 3G-equipped iPod touch at its music event this September? A recent finding in the newly-released iOS 5 Beta 4 uncovers something that all but confirms that possibility.

There’s always the chance that Apple got lazy and just forgot to remove the cellular and GPS toggles in the Settings app for the iPod touch, but it’s more exciting to speculate that this is a sign of things to come…

Instead of the iPhone Nano device that was rumored earlier this year, the latest speculation has been that Apple will instead create a 3G iPod touch (or iPhone ‘lite’) that’s capable of using VoIP apps like FaceTime and iMessage over a 3G signal. This 3G iPod touch would theoretically have a month-to-month data plan, like the current, 3G-equipped iPad 1 and 2.

We’d like to think that these findings in iOS 5 Beta 4 are indicative of a 3G iPod touch, but there’s always a chance that this was a mistake that will be corrected in Apple’s next update.

What do you think? Will Apple release a 3G iPod touch this Fall?


  • CJ

    I don’t care if they do personally but either way I don’t see the point at all. I want my iPod to play music etc, I aint going to pay monthly to make it do what my iPhone does, i’d have 2 iPhone’s and 2 bills, really pointless idea.

  • kokhean

    Won’t the 3G capability ‘fatten’ the iPod touch? And battery life is another concern for 3G enabled iPod touches too.

  • xditecx

    You can always disable 3g and its your choice if you want to pay another bill this one wont come up with a X-Year Plan..

    • James

      So an iPod with 3G & GPS, that’s an iPhone .. and you think there is a point to that do you ??? You can disable what you said on the iPhone and your left with pretty much an iPod so what is the difference.

      • dtc6

        The whole point of this would be to offer a cheaper smartphone option for lower income consumers and developing countries. So yes, it is supposed to be an iPhone, just cheaper.

      • Dtc6 says the right thing. Here in India with all the taxes and stuff, the iPhone doesn’t make sense. It’s just too costly. But if we could have an iPhone-lite at the cost of iPod touches or maybe a tiny bit more and it’s a cracking deal.

  • Applecpugeek

    Why does the picture say help?

  • Sandman

    IF this is the next feature in the iPod touch then I’ll certainly be passing it up, I only use my iPod to chat with friends via messenger app’s, game’s, edit photos taken with my digital camera using the various photo apps and listening to music. I have a cheap ole phone I only have for emergency calls.

    I certainly don’t need or want the extra expense of 3g connectivity not to mention that Apple will probably up the price even more. Only thing that will get me to upgrade to the next iPod touch is a better camera of which if it isn’t at least the one the current iPhone 4 has then I’m not interested.

  • xxx

    Alex, go to and look at the top left corner of the iPod touch. Its says 3g!!

    • dtc6

      That’s good enough of proof for me. It’s an interesting idea for sure. I think they should add the option of a voice plan though.

      • if it had a voice plan then it would be a fucking iphone, you people are retarded.