In case you missed the news, Apple seeded iOS 5 beta 4 to developers yesterday. The new software brings loads of bug fixes and minor updates, and it also introduced a major new feature. Today’s beta was the first firmware update that Apple’s pushed to devs over-the-air.

Although things got off to a rocky start, a majority of the folks guinea-pigging the OTA updates seemed to be happy with the end result. However, if you have a jailbroken iDevice and tried updating to the new iOS 5 software, it was probably a different story…

As it turns out, anyone on iOS 5 Beta 3 with Cydia installed was blocked from installing the new firmware wirelessly. As usual, it was Dev Team member MuscleNerd who confirmed the news:

“The 5.0b4 OTA update won’t work on JB devices due to an explicit check of /Applications..almost like a present from Apple.”

Apparently Apple’s OTA software is checking the /Applications folder to see if it’s a real directory, which it isn’t in a stashed jailbreak. Though jailbroken users are still able to update normally through the standard iTunes sync, it does present a red flag.

This isn’t Apple’s first move in iOS 5 to thwart jailbreaking. Remember when we told you about the Blob Monster Apple implemented to stop users from downgrading their firmware? Apple has definitely upped the ante in iOS 5 for iDevice hackers. How will the jailbreak community respond?


    This is madness!

    • javierE186

      madness???? THIS IS APPLEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joeyjojo

    As long as it works for when 5.0 is officially released I ain’t bothered. And to be honest, over the air updates isn’t my thing. I’d prefer to update at home with my pc. Hope they fix it for everyone else tho.

    • Adam

      I agree as long as the official 5.0 comes out and is jailbroken and ultrasn0w works on 5.0 I will be happy

  • W

    Don’t you have to restore and install anyways? If you do it from your jailbroken phone OTA it could crash or something

    • QuarterSwede

      OTA is on the fly. No restore necessary as far as I know.

  • Pam

    Apple needs to get a grip.

    • W

      Yeah i know this cuz I used to have a blackberry but jailbreakers must restore in order to upgrade..

  • kokhean

    Thank you Apple. We don’t want to update to an unjailbroken firmware anyway.

    • Manuel


      It’s funny, if Apple stops any means of jailbreaking, let’s see what happens when “their ideas” run out on iOS 6 and another iPhone. iOS 6 will have a worst battery, that’s it’s newest feature.

    • QuarterSwede

      My thoughts exactly. They would’ve wide to allow OTA updates for jailbroken phones to force updates and kill jailbreaking (or make it a real pain to keep up).

  • Hah

    Time to get a windows phone

    • GXGOW

      *cough*Windows Phone sux*cough*

      • Cameron

        *cough*no they don’t*cough*

      • Telejeesus

        New Nokia Sea-Ray using WP Mango looks quite nice. I bet it has quite same specs that N9 coz it looks exatly the same exept it has one more side button. It should come out same time as new iPhone 4s/5. But I REALLY w8 what they release next year when I am going to change my iP4(first non Nokia btw.). So if sea-ray is half as good as I think there should come some REAL kick ass WP from Nokia next year.

  • KAN

    What about UnionFS creating a Hard Link instead of a soft link to /Applications? Shouldn’t that trick it?

    • QuarterSwede

      Interesting proposition. My guess is we’ll see a new version of redsn0w, etc. in the next few days to address the issue. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to restore every time.

      • Pete

        Big question is though – will the phone actually work with the “old” jb (say for ver 5.0.2) after you OTA update to new version (say 5.1)? What if the jb crashes on the new ver? I see a lot of problems here. Maybe it will be necessary to upgrade the jb before OTA updating?

    • KAN

      RE: Pete;

      Perhaps it will be an OTA jailbreak update? Maybe an essential upgrade in Cydia?

      I give it a few more updates before a dev develops a MobileSubstrate hook to prevent upgrades until it’s OK’d by Cydia. Also makes sure the patch is installed before you can upgrade.