The Facebook app for iOS just got an update. We usually don’t post about app updates, but as the most popular iPhone app, I felt like we had to let you guys know.

As usual, this update contains a bunch of bug fixes that caused the app to crash. Additionally, this update restored the Send button for comments, chat, and messages. It also restored the friend lists to the News Feed filter…

If you want to get this update, fire up the App Store app on your iPhone and check for updates.

Oh, and by the way, where is my Facebook app for iPad? I can’t be the only one wondering where this app is.

  • Anthony

    Holy shit…you think a billion dollar website could get their app working properly. The FB app is one of the most buggy apps in the entire app store.

    • Jason

      could not agree more.. it’s a gotdamn bugfest.

      • Dane

        It is incomprehensible how facebook is so big and so rich and there is app is a complete disater on the iPhone. Especially because iOS and the iphones are so uniform.

        The app freezes and crashes probably more than every other app I have combined. Same thing happens to my family and friends. An update after update it never gets any better. Now they’re re-adding features they took away

  • Brandon

    Yeah soooo buggy

  • Dan

    The Facebook app on my iPhone 4 lags when going to news feed to profile or anything. I hope they get this update fixing all these bugs.

  • Chris

    I don’t have any problems with facebook app. i could never figure out how everyone has so many of them on their devices.

  • I’ve had problems with that app since the first day I’ve had my iPhone. Constant crashes and freezing. Hope this update fixes all of that.

  • numbnuts

    still buggy as hell, can’t unlike pages you’re subscribed to, like button on comments randomly disappears, can’t delete any comments made on statuses, I could go on. every update is a disappointment.

  • xxx

    The android facebook app works just fine, but I do find a lot of bug on iPod touch’s facebook app

  • pumayim

    still buggy, the news feed is completely out of order

    • Chris

      You’re looking at Top News rather than Most Recent.

  • xxx

    I haven’t found any bugs on the android..

  • kuipo77

    I updated n it’s crashing when I go to “places”. I found that using the web app on the “perfect browser” works like a charm and it’s faster that safari by far

  • Josh Lee

    I ended up downgrading to one of the first versions. I don’t know why they touched the app. The first few versions work perfectly fine.

    • David

      And you did this how?

      • numbnuts

        when iTunes updates an app it sends the old version to the trashcan. if you’re smart and don’t empty the trash, or move the file from trash to another location, you can keep older versions and re-install if the new app screws up.

  • Craig

    Out of 22 million iPhone users u .02 of a percent have bug issues.Facebook will take that sorry.No bugs here,app is brilliant.

  • Amit

    Pathetic!!! Crashes within the first few flickers trying to launch the app…I guess they can do better as compared to the online website!!! Worthless..

  • will

    The facebook app is only 2nd buggiest. #1 is Tap Tap Revenge 4.

  • Steve Young

    News must have been slow today huh? Facebook? Really?

  • Alex L

    i use fullforce for the facebook app. works great with the update and doesn’t crash anymore!

  • STK10

    Places crashes for me and it will say i have a comment on a photo and when i go to it, it wont load it.