Along with the release of iOS 5 beta 4, Apple has also released iTunes 10.5 Beta 4. For some reason, everytime I connect my iPad 2 running iOS 5 Beta 3, I get an error message telling me that my iPad couldn’t be synced with this version of iTunes because its software is too old.

What do you mean by “too old,” iTunes? This iOS version is not even 2 weeks old. Maybe it just wants me to do an OTA update, but this is also a problem as it appears my iOS Beta 4 OTA download got stuck (and I’m not the only one having this issue)…

The good news is that iTunes 10.5 Beta 4 plays nice with my jailbroken iPhone 4.

More to come as we figure out what’s up.

Update: Now that I’m on iOS 5 Beta 4, I can sync with iTunes without any issue.

  • Dane

    Is there anyway to keep Apple from suggesting safari and other crap software from apple every time there is an update for iTunes.

    • rob johnson

      uncheck it

  • With these OTA updates does this mean that they will be able to stop jailbreaking with less effort?

  • Bebbo

    I notice the update. How did you cure your stuck update as I am still stuck!

    • d2rod

      Just go to the setting app then go were you are downloading the update and click it and it suppose to continue.

  • option94

    mine started, got stuck, i made a backup and erased all content and settings and started it over. It seems to be working this time.

  • Sean

    Anyone know how to fix the stuck download OTA?

  • option94

    settings > general > reset > erase all content and settings.

    I setup as a new phone and started it over. seems to be working.

  • Sean

    There is no way I’m erasing my info. I will let it run its course for the next hour or so. It seems to be moving just at a snails pace.

    • option94

      mine now keeps jumping from 13 minutes to an hour and all over in between.

      • Sean

        Mine said <1 minute for about 25 mins, but has finally finished downloading. You have to have over 50% battery to install once downloaded or connected to a power source.

      • tomdotcom

        Mine was the same as Sean. It took forever to complete the last few meg. Eventually, it came though. After that, it worked fine.

  • Colly

    Mine has worked like a charm. Glad to see it was just 133mb instead of the whole amount it usually is. Nice feature.

  • rdqronos

    Now, will this unscrew a jailbroken filesystem? I know that the article mentions that it doesn’t, however, I’m using the jailbreak to actually USE the beta (setting the systemversion plist) so I really don’t want to lose my “activation”…


  • Matt

    That update problem started back in beta 2, how did no one notice it till now? its just updating iTunes to the newest beta and iOS to the newest beta. thats it

    • D2rod

      I updated my iPod just fine.In 2 minutes

  • im glad that i didn’t had any problem.i just opened the OTA downloads and installes.But i can connect it to itunes as isn’t available any version of itunes for windows at this time!Hopefully in a week im gonna be a mac user 🙂

    • D2rod

      I did that to

  • This is off topick but i like the name of your ipad “iPaddey II”

  • Oliver

    For those whose updates are stuck. Just hook the phone up to a power source, and make sure WIFI is on (Makes it faster). Click on the update button, it may look like its stuck, but provided it shows you a progress bar, just leave it attached to power adapter for a bit. Once it is done, it will re-boot on its own.

  • FYI I didn’t have to “fix” anything. Once the OTA update installed on my iPad, I was able to plug it into iTunes, which recognize it without a problem. I was scared for a minute though…

  • john

    can someone PLEASE help me, i updated itunes to 10.4 on the 7/26/11 on windows 7, and ever since then, itunes wont display the app store, i can type in the search box and it will display products, but when i hit return button nothing comes up, just left with itunes printed on the middle of the screen,