Apple just pushed out the latest beta of their upcoming iOS 5 software to developers ahead of schedule. Apple released the first beta on June 6th, the second on Jun 24, and the third on July 11th.

This new smaller timeframe suggests that this is more of an incremental upgrade, but we’ve already noticed a major difference from previous beta versions. Beta 4 is available over-the-air…

That’s right, the new update is available to developers via a wireless OTA update. If you are on a previous version of iOS 5 and want to try it out, simply open the General tab in your Settings app and select Software Updates.

A quick note to iOS 5 jailbreakers, we don’t have confirmation yet from the community that the new beta is jailbreakable, so keep that in mind before you update.

Don’t freak out if the OTA option doesn’t work for you, you can still download the firmware from Apple’s Dev Center. Be sure to let us know if you find any cool features in the new update, you can do so by submitting them via our contact page.

What do you think of the new beta?

  • Dick Fontaine

    One minor detail is that the Over the Air Update doesn’t work

    • Sean

      Works fine for me. Kill your running apps and turn your phone off and on.

  • Alex S.

    doing the OTA update now, took 3 minutes

  • Patrick

    I love OTA!!

  • Woody dog

    It would be nice if they released iOS5 in the next couple of weeks. Have they released a major os update before a hardware update??

    • Shawn

      Never before

  • Ziggy

    Works for me apart from the last min it took its time

  • drew

    yeah my 3gs is stuck at one minute for like 10 minutes now

  • ic0edx

    My iPhone 4 is not finding the OTA and I’m on Beta 3

  • scott

    I’m on beta 4 and have an iPhone 4 and its saying i have most up to date software…