We’ve seen some pretty crazy stories involving the iPhone over the last few months. Just recently, a man was apprehended and charged for a home invasion after police found his iPhone at the scene of the crime.

The latest story to surface comes from The New York Post. The news outlet has gotten its paws on court documents that detail a domestic dispute involving a prolific patent attorney who allegedly forced an iPhone down his girlfriend’s throat

Brian Anscomb, a 37 year old IP lawyer from Upper East Side Manhattan, was arrested Sunday after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. The attack took place in the couple’s posh Manhattan home the day before Anscomb was apprehended.

According to the court papers, Anscomb stuffed an iPhone in his girlfriend’s mouth and down her throat during a heated argument. (Yes, we’re not kidding.) The assault reportedly left the woman with cuts and bruises around her mouth.

Even though this isn’t the first time he’s been accused of physical abuse, Anscomb’s attorney tells The Post that his client denies all allegations. Here’s hoping that this prick doesn’t get off so easily this time around.

  • Talk about an ex

  • Freak, what kind of man he is?

    • Dracossaint

      Man I wana say something real nasty aboutem,but I’ll put it this way .dosnt sound like a man .sounds like a child that has a taste for bullying

  • Talk about an expensive meal lol

    • Peter


    • Techno709

      ahahahah that is fucking awesome i want to eat and iphone too but i want it cooked first and want some indian curry on it hahahha

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  • Tina Rhodus

    Why are people so crazy in this country?

    • Aleks

      2 much freedom. small chance of real consequence

    • Why Not

      America as we all know is a useless country. God forsaken country. Home of Atrocities. Homeland of Gang and Gun culture. Stupid country.

      • Lmao and why do people still go to a useless country? Higher learning? Ability to speak against the government with no consequences? Yeah having a degree and an opinion is useless.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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      • Alec

        Its okay to be jealous. You say you hate america, yet you’re on an american website, talking about an american phone… So yeah you sound really dumb right now
        Whiteboy7thst is so damn funny <3

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  • Steve

    is he a lawyer ?

  • T-Mizzle

    That’s just SICK. I wonder what condition the woman is in…? I know he won’t spend one second in jail, but I wish he would so someone could shove an iPhone up his butt. And you know prisoners dont have iPhones so they’d have to use somethin’ else hehe

  • Twited21

    Lol how u like them apples bitch now go and do the dishes

    Not funny I know but hey

    • Brooklyn147


    • Brooklyn147

      That to funny & crazy but as for me I love my iPhone4 to much to make someone eat it. Nope not me lol

  • Dracossaint

    AGREED ! and dunno if publicity is high I don’t think he’ll get off so easy

  • yum yum yum

    bitch shoudla made him a sandwich then

  • God

    WOOOOWWWW… The men in prison is gonna get a real kick out of this… They’re gonna show him what it’s like to get things stuffed down your throat now lol… Good luck man… I hope big Steve takes it easy on your tonsils

  • Is it real? I little bit stupid 🙂

  • AMB

    Better turn off that phone first, because if she’s going on vacation the roaming fees will be through the roof…. Or the throat :P. Ok I can’t make it any more funny XD

  • Gr33n

    Bend over babe, I got to make a call. Ok sweetie, butt can u leave it on vibrate after you hang up ? Thanks.

  • Frog

    What an idiot. Everyone knows Android phones taste better.

  • Mark volz

    Good we don’t have these sort of people in Israel!! Fucking Americans -.- so freaken stupid !

    • Ghiles

      I’m shure you do have those kind of people in Israel Stupid Israelis

      • AMB

        Ahh, peace in the world 🙂

  • mertin

    At least it wasn’t the 4.5″ Samsung Infuse. Ouch!

  • SteveP

    I know a young lady
    who swallowed an iPhone.
    I don’t know why.
    He just made her try.
    Perhaps she’ll die.

    (New verse. Old song. Literally AND figuratively!)

    I personally find the story hard to swallow.

  • Pat

    I know why he did it. He made her swallow the iPhone because the iPad was on the other room.

  • Theadobeflash

    i dont understand the problem he is just trying to spice things up by being kinky

  • Michael

    I can’t imagine what ATT is gonnah think when their upgrade is due.

  • BeeR

    thak god he did not force her to eat an ipad 1

  • ReanimationXP

    She really just accidentally her iPhone. He was just helping her out.

    iDeepthroat? There’s an app for that.