The jailbreak community has provided us with tons of utilities and tweaks that make typing long text messages or emails a breeze. The first one that comes to mind is Xpander, the app that lets you create custom text macros.

If you’re a fan of keyboard shortcuts, you’re going to like this next tweak. Delete Word is a simple jailbreak utility that allows you to delete entire words at a time by holding down the shift key…

If you’ve had an iOS device for very long, you know the feeling. During the course of typing a lengthy message, you realize the last sentence doesn’t make sense and you want to delete it. Great.

The default method of deleting text allows you to delete entire words at a time, but only after holding down the Delete key for a bit. And even then, the cursor moves so quickly that you usually delete too much of the text, which requires extra typing.

Delete Word bypasses the default deletion method when the shift key is held down at the same time the delete key is tapped. This allows you to delete entire words per tap, meaning you’ll be able to clear a large amount of text more efficiently.

If you are like me, you use your iOS keyboard a lot. Not just for text messaging but for social networking services and internet browsing. Why not grab a free tweak that will improve your typing? Delete Word is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo.

Have you tried Delete Word? Thoughts?

  • Saltb0x

    nice.. hopefully isnt buggy

  • Dave

    SUCKS that you can’t use this if you’re typing with one hand. You need to press SHIT and BACKSPACE simultaneously, which requires two hands. Arghhh!!! 🙁 I thought that you could just highlight the shift button an THEN press delete… That would be more convenient!

    • Don’t drink that racist coffee.

      K I’ll have a look for the ‘SHIT’ key.

  • Big AL

    just installed and it works as advertised, awesome!!!!!!

  • Gus

    I installed this tweak yesterday, and it’s a must have. As Cody wrote, too many times you need to delete multiple words and you “over delete” with the default method. Nice tweak, surprised it hadn’t been done til now.

  • moob

    pointless, folk who over delete just need to learn how to use their device properly

  • john

    doesnt work on ios 5 🙁

  • alice

    ios 3.x (and above) already has this. you hit the backspace key and DON’T RELEASE. at first it will delete just letter by letter and then it will start to delete word by word. try it.

    • Azer

      Only after a few sec. This tweek is more convenient than waiting for your iPhone to take the hint.

  • alice

    oops hehe. read the entire article. sorry please ignore above comment.

  • Amina

    Great! I love it! Easy to use and does not take up to much space!

  • Irha

    Another stock Android feature.

  • Steve

    Awesome find! Thank you.

  • Pessimist

    Is it safe? I mean things that mess with keyboards have potential for keylogging..

  • Steve

    At the end of the day, I would not recommend doing your banking or any other important actions with your iDevice. It’s simply not secure enough a platform.