Crispin Porter and Bogusky have discovered an interesting new ad scheme, with Vitamin Water signage becoming a new vehicle for charging stations in select cities across the US.

Boston, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles are now home to mobile phone charging stations, right built into Vitamin Water ads at bus stops. What a convenient way to charge your dead iPhone or iPad

While we’re not sure charging stations for the iPhone are enough to make us take to the streets and [shudders] use public transport, it’s always good to see charging stations pop up – even if we do have to be advertised to in order to get them!

What’s mildly amusing about the whole thing is that Crispin Porter and Bogusky are actually the people behind Microsoft’s ill-fated ‘Laptop Killer’ ads. This is funny because the group is known for being Apple fans.

According to Beatweek:

“The ads are “part of the soft drink brand’s ‘You’re Up’ campaign, underlining its message that it is formulated to provide a quick boost when you are on the go.”

Yes, mildly amusing.

[Cult of Mac]

  • Dane

    This is dumb. Most minorities can’t afford iPhones and they’re the only ones riding the bus.

    • Kent

      That’s so not true. Europe is hugely public transportation based, as is a lot of the east coast of the US. I used to lease a car, I did so for years, I can easily afford buying one as well, but I use public transport every day as it’s faster (avoiding traffic) and it’s relatively painless. I believe most europeans at least see it this way, too, if you live in some of the worlds largest and most densely populated cities. Public transit to work takes 30 minutes. Driving takes over an hour.

    • Ryan

      You sound like a real twit.

    • javierE186

      Dane you are either a moron or mentally handicapped, many people use public transportation minorities or not. They use it to get to places where parking is almost impossible (i.e. downtown NYC) and if you didn’t read correctly the article states “mobile phone charging stations, right built into Vitamin Water ads at bus stops” which means that any mobile device can charge not only iPhones. The only reason why Oliver Haslam said iPhone is because this is an iOS related blog. Please use your brain before you right rubbish.

      • Anon

        It’s “write” not right you noob.

    • Kipzonderkop

      I live in the uk an buses and trains work out wayyyyyyy cheaper thn cars, alot of people from the age of 16-25 prefer public transport no matter what the financial background as car insurance here can cost 2x or more the price if car and yes I’m not even tht rich but on pay monthly we have two iPhone 4’s in our house one mine nd one my brothers.

    • Guest

      *not sure if trolling……..or a pure idiot*

  • Rob

    This can be good for drunk ppl leaving the club with a dead iPhone

  • Kristen

    Minorities arent the only ones who ride the bus, i’m a college student in atlanta who doesn’t want to pay for gas and i seen more white ppl catching the bus or train for work than black bc ppl don’t want to pay $10 for parking so that was a dumb statement! This is a good idea i hope we get one here

    • Kristen, I live in Atlanta as well and welcome this new technology at our bus stops. how ignorant to say only black people or minorities in general use mass transporation…maybe thats why more train stops are not being created is because of ignorant comments like that!

  • i live in tehran iran they will come here or no ??

  • Joe mama

    Dane is an ignorant idiot!! White collar workers take buses also to avoid traffic and high gas prices!

  • Wikan

    Yep, Dane is an idiot. In Sweden where i am from and most other European country’s everyone use public transport cause driving your car to work takes forever, plus paying for parking will cost you lots of money. Did i mention that we pay 2,5 times more then the US in gasoline…

  • lulz

    This will be cool till the inevitable moron decides to destroy them for fun, or something along those lines. You can’t have anything nice like this here in New York City especially.