It’s been a while since we had a giveaway. This giveaway comes to you compliments of the folks at Emvy Case who sent me one of their iPhone 4 power battery cases a while ago. Instead of having it sit on the corner of my desk, I figured we might as well give it away to one lucky iDB reader.

We’re going to make it easy for you to enter and win this case. We’ll simply ask 2 things from you…

First, click here to retweet this contest.

Then, head over to our Facebook page. If you’re not a fan yet, make sure you click the “Like” button. Find the post that asks you to add your Twitter username, enter it, and you’re done.

This giveaway is opened to anyone anywhere in the world. We’ll be choosing a winner by tomorrow night.

Good luck!

Update: And the winner is @SSV3NOM316. Check your DM on Twitter.

  • Jorge

    Damn, I donpt have a twitter account and I dont plan to use it!! ;(

  • ahmed al bakri


  • Jason


  • SpideyRules

    These last two guys obviously read the article extremely carefully…lol

    • mallouk

      Hahahaha…. i bet they did LOL !

    • Mike


  • Patrick Nilsson


  • @frulacoste

  • James

    Oh boy this is fun! Wait is this to win a sate with the fat chick or a battery?

    • James

      Date not sate!

      • W

        Did you see how close the D and the S keys are? Do you have any idea how easy it is to type it by mistake? Gosh… Spellcheckers nowadays…

  • SpideyRules

    These “geniuses” are like lemmings! They see one person post their Twitter name here, and they ALL do it!

    This is hilarious!!!

  • Paul Hall

    this case looks awesome!!!

  • Chinster

    the case is flush with the iphone 4s front screen and personally i dont like it. it looks exactly like the QYG – power case..idk if theyre the same company or not. i dropped my iphone with this case and got a very tiny chip on the front iphone 4 screen. I was very fortunate that it was a tiny chip n not even noticeable. (only when u examine it closely). anyways that was a warning sign to go back with my old rubber case from belkin that cost me 6 bucks but protects my iphone way better than this power case. i choose protection over extended battery any day!

  • tribas


  • Idgaf:)


  • @RichardFWatson


  • Frankie


  • soccerkrzy

    This is the second thing I cannot participate in because I’m Twitterless…

    • James

      There is oinment for that now!

  • Oscar mencia


  • @josemartinezb

  • Jason Masters

    Fail I hate Facebook and don’t ever plan on restarting that drama crap site up

  • Manuel

    Twitter? Seriously? I understand a blog having one if it didn’t post articles every day, but people with twitters? Do you like people following your boring lives?

    • Only reason I got twitter was for following comex and a couple jailbreak devs. Plus lots of contests now require a twitter account, take all but a minute to create and you don’t have to use it regularly.

  • Danish


  • jay


  • Jason Masters

    Lmao watch all these comments get deleted lol!

    • Braulio


    • No. Maybe just yours.

  • Ben


    • Mike


  • Nick Fernandez


    awesome giveaway!

  • Jeff

    Did you morons even read the post? You’re supposed to put your twitter usernames in the comments section on their FACEBOOK PAGE. Not here.

  • zEz


  • Did i not do it right? lol why is everyone’s twitter on this page?

  • esem


  • Matt

    You guys are like the nazis of blogs, why do u delete perfectly normal posts, not offensive or off topic yet u delete it, PATHETIC !!!!!!!!!

  • Irha

    Oh come on… just select one of the comments at random. The twitter and facebook crap is painful. How about this for a novel idea. Require us to +1 this site and improve your google search results.

  • ic0edx

    Sebastien, how will you be choosing the winner?

    • Jason Masters

      By who ever is the cutest he does it the French way! Hey when people in France kiss do they just “kiss?” or is it still a French kiss?

    • Randomly

  • lgxlg


  • Malik tanzil


  • liccowee


  • Dang Sebastien. Where did all of these people come from with the disprespect?

    • Coming from hell?

    • Jason Masters

      Balls properly licked iking??? Sebastian needs more ha from hell hilarious this should be a comedy blog instead!

  • Ben Walker

    Thanks for the opportunity, love the blog.

  • @aliqayyum all done 🙂 first time, i ever comment on giveaway

    • Dumb dumb

      First time and not getting it if you didn’t follow instructions!!!

    • SpideyRules

      You sir, and all of your kin who put their Twitter names in this comment section, are absolute morons.



  • dor27


  • 2meu

    Did I win?

  • 2meu

    Did I win? Just curious.

    • SpideyRules

      Yes. Go to your nearest retailer, and feel free to walk out with your prize.

      The Security guards are a prank. It’s ok to punch them in the face and run.

  • Ibrahim Sait


  • Congrats @SSV3NOM316! You won the case. Check your DM on Twitter.