As far back as March, the rumor mill has had Apple’s next smartphone pinned to launch in the Fall of this year. This meant that Apple would forgo a Summer iPhone announcement, which has been a ritualistic over the last 3 years.

Now that we’re nearing the end of July and inching closer to the rumored Fall timeframe, it seems like iPhone rumors are spinning out of control. But in all reality, Apple never officially said anything about releasing a new device this year, until now…

During Apple’s quarterly earnings call yesterday, the company posted some staggering sales figures that blew analysts’ expectations out of the water. Given that kind of success, it was rather odd that the company forecasted its revenue to drop 12% next quarter.

Apparently, participating media members agreed. The first question of the Q&A session was in regards to the 12% downtick. Apple’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer fielded the query:

“For education buying season, September is weighted toward higher education, and we expect increases there. We also expect increases in iPhone, etc. There is also a future product transition that we are not going to talk about today. Those factors are already in our guidance.”

The next quarter spans over 3 months, so this doesn’t help us much in guessing a release date. But I think it’s safe to say that if you were planning on purchasing a new iDevice in the near future, you might want to hold out for a month or two.

What do you think the “product transition” is? iPhone 4S/5? iPad HD?


  • Neo

    Why can’t it be the fact that we are nearing the 10th Anniversary of the iPod! and the fact that with the sale of the iPhone & iPad, the sale of the iPod is plummeting….maybe THAT is something of a Transition!!!
    why does it have to be a Brand new iPhone?! :S my iPhone 4 is doing just fine!
    my GOD this speculation thing is spinning out of hand….
    How much more are you willing to pay for an Apple product People?! :S at $400/share! :S Take! it! Easy! on the Rumors!! that’s how Apple is #Winning!

    • Paul Zammit

      Why would you there be a new iPad? Struggling with stock and demand, the iPad sold 9 million units. 🙂

      Roll on September!

  • ipp

    this is called marketing strategy

  • iamlynda

    For those of us who did not upgrade to the iP4 due to contract issues or finding it ridiculous to upgrade every year, I think most of us are very anxiously awaiting for an official release. I personally peruse a lot of these blog sites for any and all “rumours/opinions/guesses” as to when the 5 will arrive and what it’ll be like. Keep ’em rolling!! Lucky you to already own a 4 and be doing just fine with that – there are millions more who don’t own a 4 and are looking forward to the 5. No reason for you to be a buzz-kill for the rest of the world.
    Bring it Apple!!! September can’t come soon enough!!

    • OneUp

      High 5 on that one, sister. (And I do have a 4 – love it.) Still looking forward to the 5…why? Because I feel like it, that’s why. BECAUSE I CAN. Because it’s fun. Because my stocks are kickin’ ass. Yea…stop being a buzz-kill to the rest of us that are a little excited about it all.

      • Neo go tell that to the poor people who already bought the white iPhone 4…

        N.B.: let me give it str8 to all you fanboys out there, i am NOT against a new iPhone, i personally wouldn’t mind, and it’s not that i wouldn’t wanna own’s just that the iPhone 4 as a machine is doing amazingly well whether you find it sucky or not…and a new iPhone will not render the 4 obsolete….so if you’re on a tight budget, go for the 4, cause IMO, there won’t be any radical change…
        oh…and i certainly am NOT “Killing-your-Buzz”..simply cause i can’t..i know how much you people usually deny the truth and tend to get a little too subjective about it…

    • Woodydog

      Yeah me to I have the 3GS got it on launch day and contract is up now. I can’t wait for a new iPhone. I think with the extra time they took this year it should be an awsome phone. If not I will get the best phone out. I want a bigger screen!!!!

      • Chris

        +1 .. My contract isn’t up for renewal until next May but 1 thing I notice with Apple is because they have so few devices, a long wait is endured for decent upgrades. If when my contract is up the iPhone that’s new doesn’t have good enough specs, i’ll opt for Android, I say this mainly because all of the rumours lately have suggested an 8mp camera which considering Nokia has a 12mp one and Android have had 8 for a good while, it puts me off somewhat. Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone 4 and Apple know how to design good quality and aesthetically pleasing phones but the lack of theming etc without jailbreaking also makes me consider a different manufacturer, after all, I paid for my handset in full, unlocked, should I not at least be able to change the look of the icons etc.

  • Techno709

    there going to release the apple istation the istation is the new generation for gaming consoles XD

    • Neo

      or..what i’d like to call it….the “iPlay” 😉 😛

      • Techno709

        Hahahaha the iplay nxt generation halogram gaming consolE

  • John

    8mp, 12mp, 50mp – mp don’t matter if u have a crap lens, all about the lens quality Chris

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    5 mp is good for general picture taking. If you’re a professional photographer or something I guess a 12 is good. But if you’re gonna take pictures on your iPhone and view them from there all the time then the two quality types will make little difference.

  • Adam

    Apple should release the iPhone 5 with a dual core processor and 3d like the lG Optimus. Now that phone rocks !! Am so tempted to change from the iPhone as they are starting to lag behind the rest.

  • Chris

    I KNW FOR A FACT IN SEPT A NEW IPHONE will be out and tmobile at&t Verizon will get it all on the release date trust I have a inside source