Apple’s iPhone 4 isn’t really known for being a sturdy device. Handsets have been known to almost explode upon impact with the ground, even when dropped from a modest height. With that in mind, we’re surprised to hear that one particular iPhone 4 managed to survive a fall of 13,500ft from the pocket of its skydiving owner.

Now granted, it’s not going to win any awards for aesthetics since its plunge, but amazingly, the handset can still make and receive telephone calls…

As CNN reports, Jarrod McKinney was skydiving from a plane at the time he felt the dread that only an iPhone owner can know. You know, the dread you feel as you helplessly watch your beloved iPhone fall to the ground. Unlike most of us, though, Jarrod’s iPhone 4 was falling from the same kind of height that planes like to frequent.

A building’s roof was the impact point for the handset’s return to solid ground, and its flabbergasted owner found it thanks to the always-useful Find My iPhone feature.

The fall offers an unlikely ad for case manufacturer Incipio, who’s product could well be the reason this lucky iPhone fared so well. The case however, wasn’t so lucky.

“The iPhone had protective gear of its own – an Incipio-brand phone case that was broken after the fall but still was on the phone.”

Thankfully, the furthest my iPhone has ever fallen was a couple of feet, but it still wound up with a couple of dents in the corners.

Guess I’m just lucky like that!

We want to hear your iPhone fall stories – can you beat the unlikely case of Jarrod McKinney?

  • Geek

    Umm I would to be the first to say….. I’ve already done this, but within a few yards range. Threw my black iPhone 4 (I turned white) into a concrete curb because my fiancee and I were fighting. Kinda funny it was destroyed, but yet it works.. Not to mention the first time I damage it was when hit the concrete slab

  • Chris

    I’ve never dropped mine. Does he get cut by the glass when talking? 😛

  • Ryan

    I had mine on my lap in my car and forgot it was there when I stepped outside and I saw my precious fly off me and onto the pavement facedown and then slide about six feet. I was absolutely horrified and imagined what it would look like with scratches alllllll over the screen. But! I picked it up and there was just a small ding on a corner of the silver strip. The screen looked absolutely fine. I was amazed. But now, I am smarter and got myself an Otterbox Commuter case and LOVE IT!

    • Geek

      Exactly what happen to me the first time

      • ic0edx

        This has happend to me with my 3GS, I know that feeling of haplessness. I never put my iPhone 4 in my lap anymore I always put it on the passenger seat or in the middle counsel. It’s the worst feeling when it breaks.

      • LOL

        same here 🙁

    • Dino

      Always the same. On my lap. Slides across the tar road when I see it skid away. Cry inside. But just a lil scratch on the side.

  • Name

    Please stop asking us questions at the end of every post.

    • moob

      instead if just whinging, why not offer another solution of how a blog site is to ask for feedback. hmmm??

  • iamlynda

    running with my dogs my 3GS fell out of my hoodie pocket and bounced 3 times on the cement – no injury at all thanks to the $1.79 gel case I got on Ebay (from China!).

  • bc

    Mine fell @ 4 feet out of my tennis bag onto the tennis court. No case. And surprisingly not a mark on it. I was lucky.

  • C. Lund

    do we know which incipio case it was?

    • Braulio

      That one hehe

  • kokhean

    Great, all he has to do now is to fix the glass instead of getting a new one.

  • Techno709

    hahahaha it survives 13500 feet and theres all these fucked in the head dicks that just make up lies to get money from apple (o apple wat the fuck i sit on my iphone and it break i want sue u give me money i greedy son of bitch plex give money or i sue u) hahahaha who the fuck would belive sitting on an iphone breaks it

  • Anonymous

    Plenty of personal experiences on my side *sigh*:

    On the 4 and 4S, replacing the back glass proved really trivial, and inexpensive, as it entails:

    (1) remove two screws (may or may not be “pentalobe” secure heads depending on age), (2) slide broken back off, (3) slide new back in, (4) replace screws, and Presto! Like new as long as the metal, mid-plate is not scratched. (That is altogether another kettle of fish.)

    On the 3G and 3GS, I always prayed that it was only the front digitizer with its embedded front glass that was damaged, because replacing a munged plastic back requires major surgery.

    As long as the LCD panel of my 3G/3GS was intact, replacing the front glass with its embedded digitizer proved not difficult at all. (You can even buy the whole assembly which includes the home button, proximity sensor, and frame which is the easiest, but costs much more.)

    I have been there too many times to count. I am close friend of iFixIt. *grin*