It’s no secret that I’m a bit skeptical about Apple releasing another tablet this year. Heck, the iPad 2 just came out 4 months ago and is still selling rather well. Why bring another slate into the mix so soon?

Regardless of my opinion, the entire tech world seems to believe that a new iPad will be unveiled this Fall. We’ve heard multiple media outlets confirm the tablet talk in the last few weeks, and now DaringFireball‘s John Gruber chimes in…

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Gruber, the programmer-turned-writer is considered a credible source for Apple information. Yesterday, the author mentioned Apple’s upcoming tablet in a rant on the quality of digital magazines:

“These magazines and newspapers that render each “page” as a static 1024 x 768 image are going to look like utter ass on the iPad 3’s 2048 x 1536 retina display.”

As BusinessInsider notes, to most folks this may seem like a minor detail. But Gruber is a well known, plugged-in, and widely read columnist. If it were a mistake, it would have been fixed. And if it weren’t true, he never would have said it.

The question now seems to be when. Most rumors point to a Fall release of the new tablet, even though the iPad 2 just came out in March. I suppose a pre-holiday-season launch isn’t the worst idea ever.

What do you think?

  • Would be cool if it came out but I doubt it will, plus I only got my iPad 2 4 months ago, which means I would have to sell it.

    • Jon Garrett

      you would sell it for what reason? you’re not too smart. the ipad 2 was DOA before it was even released that’s why there will be an ipad 3. the ipad 2 was just a minor upgrade of the original ipad, the damn thing has a .7 mega pixel camera !!!! not even a full 1MP !! WTF is that !!! so now you’re going to buy an ipad 3 that might have a 2 or 3mp camera., the same processor the same amount of ram and maybe a higher res screen? then this spring you’ll hear of the ipad 4 and you’ll want that too?

      this is why apple sells so many idevices, fools run out and buy them when their current device is only 6 months old.

      • Joest

        You are a terrible troll.

  • Jeremy

    Seems unlikely that there will be a new iPad this year, but who knows for sure?!

  • Dan

    @Lukka, well no it doesn’t, it just means you won’t have the newest iPad, something that many people deal with on a daily basis. What, honestly, is so terrible with the iPad 2 at the moment? Apart from the lack of a Retina screen?

    • Jon Garrett

      the .7 mp camera

      • mike

        the cameraS
        low amount of ram
        then if we talk about software. iOS is just a dated OS…their multitasking sucks. HP does multitasking far better

        btw, her name is pukka not lukka. kinda like president osama and not osama…or something

      • mike

        and flash. oh how i hate going to a website to get information and the navigation is in flash and iOS is not good enough to handle flash

      • Matt

        @mike As a web developer, I say that anyone who still uses flash to create a menu or whole site deserves to be shot and be stripped of there web developer status because flash is just awful and on most sites I’ve seen it on, it’s slow and doesn’t do anything for your ranking because all content is embedded in the actual flash file.

        You don’t NEED it on an iOS device, I have hardly ever needed to visit a site on any of my iOS devices that heavily require flash to a point where I’m unable to use it effectively. Flash is not used in Apple products primarily because it’s quite resource demanding and sluggish. Take the MacBook Air for example, it’s silent…until you load up some hd youtube videos using flash and then the fan’s are going like crazy because flash is causing the temperature to rise. Imagine this situation now but with an iOS device…. Also, if you watch hd videos on youtube that have been converted into HTML5 there are no problems at all. Solution: Stop being a little bitch and move on with the times, send hate mail to websites that heavily use flash until they change their ways…

  • Bill

    He didn’t say anywhere in that quote WHEN the iPad 3 was coming out. It could easily be next Spring.

  • Dane

    I’ll wait for the 4th gen iPad just like I did with the iPhone. I can’t imagine having one w a non HD display. Plus speeds, battery life and camera resolution can only go up.

  • Rick

    nonetheless it doesn’t matter when the next iPad comes out, what matter’s more is the fact that Apple will more likely than not add retina display to all of their next devices, soooo, he basically only said something that had a high chance of happening.

  • Kamesh jain

    An iPad with USB port or an IOS which allows camera kit for using files like PDF etc on the go is needed…rest we get devices like miwi even if we can’t plug in data cards
    I bot ipad1 in may from Verizon coz I didn’t feel in investing in ipad2 just for camera n ‘speed'(how many movies u edit on iMovie) and a software for photo editing will push iPad’s sale higher!

  • I still don’t see a good reason why they would launch a new tablet barely 6 months after an iPad 2… If anyone has one please, do tell

  • Kamesh jain

    If at all I can think of any reason it will be Steve jobs’s health speculation at the time of launch of ipad2
    May be it was his decision to push a device sooner n nw the device which is ready it will nt be good to hold back till next year as company may have other plans on roadmap for features to be included…
    What say 🙂

  • babe

    I guess apple wants to be a leader on tablet tech. If it create a tech that others company can made, than the ipad brands will fall. So i think apple will came out with newer higher res lcd.I think the price will not same as ipad2, higher.

    Well bigger pixels means need bigger processing GPU power, it will nice to see whether ipad3 to use new nVidia KalEl or new SGI VR544.

    BTW, just bought ipad2 when JB came out. Still nice to see Full HD 1080p subtitled mp4 titles (.m4v) played so smoothly on ipad2 using OplayerHD lite. Test it for yourself.

  • Twited21

    The tablet market is where’s it at I think it’s probably the fastest moving tech at the moment so if you can get better stuff out there you should after all the iPad 2 isn’t exactly the mist desired tablet out there

    • Jacob Nørgaard

      Uhm, yes it most certainly IS the most desired tablet on the market. Check sales. You could argue and say people desire one thing but buys another, but there is no better tablet on the market. Nothing that matches the iPad 2’s specs and price. Why not accept that simple fact.

      Sure, iPad 3 will come at some point, but I’d rather think it’ll be next spring. A doubling of resolution (in practice, quadruble) would need some serious RAM and CPU/GPU power and the price would be much higher. Apple has the grabs of the mainstream market, not the business, so releasing a more expensive tablet for “pro” use seems really stupid.

      Then again, it wouldn’t be the first silly thing Apple did 🙂

  • bc

    Once again I’m confused. This quote from Gruber’s blog doesn’t say anything about an iPad 3 being released this fall, yet you are implying that it does. Fail. The fact that iPad 3 will eventually be released is NOT news. Of course there will be a new iPad….eventually. Geez.

    • Liutszho

      Good point

  • Splarz

    I doubt that we will see iPad 3 before 2012. Apple is selling every iPad 2 it is making, so they are well set for back to school and the holiday buying season.

    Then in 2012 when the holiday buying season is over, by April 2012, Apple will likely release iPad 3 to restimulate sales.

    That makes more sense.

    It also takes time to ramp up production for a new product. They will have their hands full with current products and iPhone 5 in the fall of 2011.

  • We will see iPad 3 before 2012, after Apple finishing to sell every iPad 2. I think Apple are planning a deep marketing strategy for this product.