It seems like Flash is slowly going the way of the betamax, depending on who you ask. While I myself don’t ever feel held back by the fact that my iPhone doesn’t support the platform, there are some folks that still feel it’s a downfall of the device.

Heck, it seems like “supports Flash” is in nearly every Android phone and tablet commercial. Well, for iPhone users that still feel like they’re missing out on something, another Flash-compatible mobile browser has just entered the App Store…

There’s already several 3rd party apps out there that deliver Flash content (mostly video) to iDevices, but none of them tout a feature set like Flash Video Expose:

  • 100% FLASH WEBSITES supported. Play millions of flash video without any limitation
  • 100% web-based FLASH GAMES supported. Play Facebook games, Miniclip games and many other flash games right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad!
  • Super fast HD video and audio real-time streaming. NO WAITING TIME!
  • Elegant design yet offering many other features that guarantee you very enjoyable experience.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Dedicated team working around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction.

The app’s description also includes testimonials from satisfied customers that say things like, “Apple is going to be pissed when people start replacing Safari with Flash Video Expose.” So it must be good right?

To be honest, I couldn’t part with the $9.99 they are asking from customers to find out. Especially after reading through a lot of the App Store comments. While the title has 3 stars (fair for 120 ratings), there were a lot of folks claiming that Flash Video Expose didn’t work at all.

On top of that, many commenters claimed that the firm’s “24 hour customer service” is actually just a link to their Twitter page and a help video. I guess that can be considered 24 hour customer service.

This situation highlights one of the App Store’s major downfalls: no app trial period. How could anyone be expected to pay $10+ dollars for something like this when they aren’t even sure that it will perform as advertised?

If you want to check out Flash Video Expose for yourself, it’s available in the App Store for $10.00. And if you do decide to download it, make sure to let us know how it works in the comments.

What do you think readers? Godsend, scam, or does Flash not matter to you anymore?

Update: This truly is a scam. They updated their App Store description, which now says the following:


  • Burge

    Gone this long with out flash..since 2008 and I still don’t need it …

    • Fiyik

      I am from turkey and i tryed with flash videos it didnt work, so i wouldnt trust it on every flash site

  • BLiNK

    the only thing i see it is useful for is “forum trolls”

  • James

    I actually tried this app as it claims to let you play miniclip games but when you go to miniclip in the browser it just takes you to the page which links you to the games that are available in the app store, no games to play and several other videos I tried din’t work either, complete waste of time but i’m also of the opinion that flash isn’t a major selling point for ios, i’ve never missed it on my iPhone.

  • Useless app, when clicking on that play button to play flash vid, it refreshes the page, or it just says flash plugin not installed

  • Frankie

    useless, i dont recomend nobody to buy it…

    for example in youtube (desktop version) it says: “Please upgrade your adobe flash”

    Tried to play Farmville & Cityville in Facebook, none of them loaded.

  • Kristen

    Can somebody help me my apps in installous keeps saying API error is it anyway to fix this?? Sorry to interrupt on this post

    • Tex

      Yeah it’s called actually PURCHASING apps and not being cheap.

      • Kristen

        No need to be rude simple question but thanks.

      • Josh lee

        @Tex some people like testing apps before buying. Example: this app

        Anyways, i’ll stick with frash.

      • @Josh. Do you honestly believe that a lot of people test it out before they buy? I’m sorry to be rude, but that is the stupidest thing I heard. Have you even read this article?

    • Daniel

      *sigh* The error is because AppTrackr is having a hard time dealing with all the traffic on they’re site. Wait a while, it’ll work eventually. Or, you could buy it instead of stealing the app…

    • W

      The server is down.. Give it a couple of days

    • sparrow

      yea installous has been having issues for at least the last 24hrs, ive been trying to update a couple of apps, no luck yet

  • flash is not that important to me, but it will be nice if this app will work

  • B!tCh

    $10 gone

  • juan

    this is why installous exists. reviews are sketchy to begin with but do provide clues. get it from installous to test it. if you like it BUY it, if not, delete it.

    • Chris

      Not on there yet

    • Aaron


      • David

        It IS on there.

  • Chris


  • Chris

    Useless app donor buy waste of money

  • Ethan

    Tested and the app is a fucking joke…

  • Kristen

    Thank you all for the help and it are apps that i buy from the appstore.. I like certain games that the appstore does not have also!

  • Dan

    This crap doesn’t even work.

  • Dan

    This crap doesn’t even work. I rather spend something else.

  • Chris

    I just tested this on a few websites from a Dunkin Donuts parking lot. YouTube desktop did not work, Dailymotion desktop did work, Vimeo desktop did work, desktop also did work. Miniclips didn’t work. That’s as far as I have tested thus far. iPhone 4, 4.3.3

    – Chris

  • Takean

    Yea, I can verify that it doesn’t work either. Skyfire at least has the ability to trick the sites into thinking you are on a desktop. This does not. And the flash sites I tested out, such as wix and others did not work either. Huge let down :p

    Sure I can live without flash, but I do wish apple would get off it’s high horse and work with adobe on it. I like flash.

    • Chris

      What part of Wix didn’t work for you? It just worked for me. I just want to test this out.

      • Takean

        My website didn’t load at all. Gave the same adobe flash error.

  • kokhean

    iBitfire plays a lot of flash videos on the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. It works on both 3G and WiFi. I only experienced a few crashes, but it works flawlessly otherwise. No video stuttering! Buy it if you want. It is indeed a worthy app.

  • GrEdDySRT

    Skyfire does the trick for me!!!!

  • Sue

    I suggest you remove this article. The website for support does not seem to exist and the app does NOT play flash games as promised. I am now out $10 thanks to your post and am NOT happy.

    • “To be honest, I couldn’t part with the $9.99 they are asking from customers to find out. Especially after reading through a lot of the App Store comments. While the title has 3 stars (fair for 120 ratings), there were a lot of folks claiming that Flash Video Expose didn’t work at all.”

      I guess I’m not sure which part about the post suggested that you buy the app.

    • I’m not sure why you are blaming iDB for losing your $10. The review is hardly an endorsement for the app and Cody even pointed out that he wasn’t prepared to spend $10 on it.

      Most of the reviews are negative even on the AppStore and yet you still spent your $10.

      Perhaps, instead of blaming the article, you should be blaming your therapist!

      • Sue

        In the Canadian store there are exactly 18 reviews of which 11 are 5 star. When I went to the reviews before buying, the last 3 – 1 stars were not there. So most of the reviews are NOT negative in the Canadian store. Not everyone is a American.

    • Nope, you’re right. Some of us are from the UK.

      You should look at yourself as a Pioneering Canadian Trendsetter who just happens to have $10 less in her purse 😉

      • Sue

        Thanks for your support Painman.

        Some info for anyone else looking for a refund, contact and give them your order number and apple id under which it was purchased.

        Here was their response: To ensure stability and usability, Flash Video Expose is designed to work on the last version of iOS 4.3 or newer (currently iOS 5.0) and the latest firmware version of iPad. It also will only work on iPhone 4Retina and iPad 2. If you are currently using those, please update your iPhone/iPad to the latest version. Otherwise you will need to wait for the next update that is currently in the process.

        The apple store says ipad, ipod touch and iphone – nothing about the limited support that the developer states. I of course have an iPad 1 and iPod touch 4 neither of which are “currently supported”. They claim a refund will come in 10-15 business days. I won’t hold my breathe though.

  • This is just BS! Apple should have just supported flash right from the beginning.

  • Josh

    Just a random question….


  • Sisko

    Well the app that I downloaded from Installous doesn’t look the same on the screenshots. Are the guys from Instalous playing prank on us?

    • Josh

      I know right?! The app I downloaded from Installous had a white icon with the Flash symbol in grey, the start-up logo was all messed up and the app sucked overall. Completely low-budget app, if we’re talking about the same one.

  • nikky

    From the comments above,, it is no doubt why peoples rather pirate apps and dont support the developers

  • Mike

    To all the people raging at using Installous:

    So you’re saying its not ok for us to steal a $0.99 app that we’ll only play for 5 minutes because its such utter crap, but it is ok for us to risk AND loose 10 bucks because Apple itself approved it and let it in the official App Store.

    Who has more money?
    Apple and game dev companies OR the individual?
    Awesome that Apple’s assets are more important…

  • Rob12344

    Wohoo Glad I Didn’t Waste My Ten Bucks, People, The Jailbreak Wagon Is The One To Be On People, Eat It Or Beat It

  • Rob12344

    Wohoo Glad I Didn’t Waste My Ten Bucks, People, The Jailbreak Wagon Is The One To Be On People, Climb Aboard!

  • Shannon

    So…which apps work with flash?

  • asaf

    there is two app “Flash Video Expose” that we can find in Installous and not from appstore and this app dont play flash .
    and there is app “Flash Video Exposer” that we can find only in appstore .somebody try this app ???