ClockSeconds is a recently released tweak that adds seconds to the clock on your iPhone’s lockscreen.

For those of you who are keen on customization, there’s also a settings panel added to your Settings app that allows you to modify the color of the clock’s numbers.

That’s great and all, but there is one major flaw that plagues ClockSeconds, rendering it a lot less practical. Check inside for the full lowdown on this jailbreak tweak’s shortcomings…

As you’ve no doubt gleaned from the video, ClockSeconds fails at the very thing that it’s supposed to be good at.

True, it adds seconds to your lockscreen clock, but those seconds are static, just like the minutes and hours. In other words, they don’t actually move like a second hand on a clock, you have to press the sleep button to refresh the seconds.

This discrepancy makes ClockSeconds fairly useless when it comes to timing, etc. It would have been nice if it featured a bit more stopwatch functionality.

The YouTube commentary minced few words when it came to their thoughts on ClockSeconds, and they were even able to recommend another tweak, Lock Seconds, that worked quite a bit better.

Have you tried ClockSeconds or any of its predecessors? Do you find that having seconds on your lockscreen makes it more useful? Let me know in the comments below.

  • john

    lockscreenseconds works great! and its been around forever!

  • …Well I don’t know what to say anymore. We’ve seen apps like this ten million times on this very website. Please, stop making an article for any shitty tweak you find, this isn’t even news. This blog is getting old and lame

    • Don’t shoot the messenger, we just bring the news. In fact, we’re saving you time by walking through each tweak and filtering out the good from the bad. That way you don’t have to.

      • Nkn8

        I understand completely the fact that you filter the apps. BUT there is a huge number of apps that have the same function as this one… What I’m saying is you don’t need to point out every app with this one function, there are many innovations, many new stuff you don’t talk about… I like this blog, but It’s getting annoying of seeing the same stuff over and over.

      • ur mother

        dude egnore them, i think u do a good job doing what you do. your explaining the details, even if they are stupid tweaks, apps whatever, , you let people know. so blog on brothern, and egnore the dushes

    • ur mother

      ur getting old and lame

      • ur mother

        lol egnore that, lol, it was for ——->Nkn8

  • Koppis

    Springtomize has had a working version for ages.. 😛

    • You are right springtomize is #2 app !!!
      #1 is appsync and sbsettings

  • leon

    no one need seconds which doesnt move

  • ur mother

    very homosexual, at least make the seconds work without having to lock it back and turn it on again, that is f*cking stupid, make somthing people want. plus other people made this tweak a while ago.

    • ur mother

      and im talking about the developer not this site

  • Andy

    Springtomize does have ya covered here. This tweak could have avoided your prestigious mention!

    • ur mother

      hey he is just letting poeple no about this tweak, even people who make dumb f*ck tweaks like this need lovin to even if they do suck at making tweaks lol

      • ur daddy

        How about a tweak for your mouth. Do you suck? If so, they should blog about you too. Decent tweak. However, with lack of tongue functionality and swallowing ability. There are better options out there. B*tch

  • john

    well said jeff people dont know that

  • I don’t get why showing seconds isn’t an option on the default apple clock