One of the best things about the jailbreak community is when its members listen to the voices of the users, and team up to create something fantastic.

That’s exactly what happened with this latest Cydia release entitled CallBar; it’s a culmination of teamwork and listening to the feedback from those in the community.

CallBar essentially allows you to manage incoming phone calls — whether it’s strictly a voice call, or a FaceTime call — without losing the focus of your current task.

Instead of taking up your iPhone’s entire screen announcing your incoming call, CallBar adds a subtle, yet noticeable, notification at the top of your iPhone’s screen.

The result is a well thought out tweak that greatly improves the experiencing of receiving and managing phone calls on the iPhone. Be sure to check out our full video walkthrough inside…

The best thing about CallBar is that it puts control back into the hands of users. No longer will your tweets or browsing sessions be interrupted by that annoying phone call screen.

Instead, a discreetly located notification bar that resides near the top of your screen replaces it. Accepting the call will then pull you into the full phone call screen mode, but the idea is, it’s now your choice.

There’s also the ability to dismiss the call, but if you later decide you want to take it, all it takes is a quick tap of your status bar to bring the notification bar back into view.

At $3.99, CallBar is a bit much for an impulse purchase, but after you watch this video, I’m hoping that you’ll be convinced as to its worthiness of your hard-earned money.

Not only is the tweak something that should have been included in iOS to begin with, it looks great, it’s highly compatible with various firmwares, and it has in-depth documentation to boot.

Let me know what you think about CallBar in the comments section below, I’m anxious to see if you guys enjoy using it as much as I do.

  • W

    This is the “mobile notifier for calls”… However, MN does way more and it’s FREE. I hate overpriced tweaks.

    • Juan

      you, are a theif.

      • Angelo

        Because of what? He uses a free alternative? Thats simply freedom of choice.

      • Chris

        +1, if he is a thief for using something free, you ar an idiot for paying for something you can get for free.

      • W

        Think before you comment…

    • Ai

      Are you talking about the app called “notifier” from bigboss? I can’t find the “mobile notifier for calls”

    • tgb


  • Juan

    FYI, this tweak doesn’t work with ToneFXs 2. It kills the ringer sounds…

    • Thethat

      Tone fx2 doesn’t work with done fx2 itself.. This tweak is overpriced though

  • elibyy

    i just downloaded it and it real good
    thanks to joshua toker and @limenos

  • john

    it says it is compatible with all iDevices on all firmwares 4.0+ INCLUDING ios 5 betas, but I am unable to purchase it on Cydia, because it says “unable to purchase this product requires iPhoneOS 4”. I am on IOS 5 beta 3. looks really cool though!

  • kokhean

    It resemble the new notification bar in iOS 5 (note the rounded edges), and looks really good. Might be a worthy purchase.

  • kokhean

    It resemble the new notification bar in iOS 5 (note the rounded edges), and looks really good. It might be a worthy purchase.

  • Just a quick clarification for everyone:

    Although it supports iOS 5 beta, it is not allowed to sell applications on iOS 5 until public release (Apple NDA rule). For this reason, you will be unable to purchase on iOS 5 at this time. However, if you purchase it now on iOS 4, of course when iOS 5 is public, it will work. No extra fee will be required – just an update.

    And as Jeff said, the User Guide is a great way to get yourself squared away with how it works. For support and design suggestions, go to the bottom of the User Guide and use the respective emails.


    Joshua Tucker
    Concept Idea/Designer of CallBar
    Twitter: @sh8kespeare

    • Thanks for the clarification.

    • MrChris

      Does the Apple NDA still apply to jailbreak apps/tweaks?

  • jorge

    It works really good, the only bad thing is that kills FXtones or anyring application,

  • ur mother

    hell ya man, thanks, its a bad ass tweak,

  • efixman

    cant find it on cydia? searched callbar???

    • efixman

      found it needed to refresh

  • john

    i sure when ios6 comes out apple will have it

  • ur mother

    lol i second that, those robbers

  • ur mother

    i hope that there will be some themes for callbar, that would be sick

  • Edgar

    Hey, I’ve noticed that I installed callbar, I was not able to send pictures on bitesms. Im not sure if this is because of the app or not.

  • Ando

    Do we have to add a repo? It’s not showing up in search

  • Fiesta

    if you disable the run at lockscreen button in the setup, then u can’t decline the call by using the power button. This is a bit trouble since I only want to show the callbar when I’m using my iphone. if the iphone is locked, I prefer to use the original incoming call notification.

  • Jacob Nørgaard

    Can anyone confirm the problems with callbar and bitesms? I’d like to know, before I place my purchase.

  • Ferdinand

    Problems with screen rotator. Lockscreen rotator works fine but when your on your home screen ans sombody calls de screen whill not rotate. You have to respring your iphone. Update please.

  • Ferry

    Problems with screen rotator. Lockscreen rotator works fine but when your on your home screen and sombody calls de screen whill not rotate. You have to respring your iphone. Update please.

  • Strykker

    Sends my phone into safe mode on every call. I am not sure if it is due to activator actions tied to the status bar or not.

    • adam

      mine too! any idea how to fix this problem?

  • mwpitt52

    Purchase CallBar yesterday and my ringer no longer works. Had to remove app from phone. I do not have ToneFX.

  • Jacob Nørgaard

    Well I purchased CallBar. Running iOS 4.3.2 on an iPhone 4, the program installed fine and worked. I have received several calls and the program have functioned as expected. Works both in portrait and landscape mode. Works in games, apps. I have activator and biteSMS (and many other tweaks) installed and so far no problems. SMS and MMS works fine too. I don’t use anyring or tonefx – did the tweaks of sms tones manually – and everything seems to work well. The notification shows name and picture of the person calling, if you have a picture included in the contact page.

    In other words, no problems at all so far. One thing – I am one of the few who doesn’t have Winterboard installed. Those of you with problems might check and see if you have Winterboard installed.

    • kokhean

      I’m 100% positive that WinterBoard is causing problems. Custom tones and themes may be conflicting. For example, RetinaPad doesn’t work with WinterBoard installed. However, I also do not have any problems. iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.3.3, jailbroken with redsn0w.

      • Strykker

        I am inclined to agree. I just used the app Backboard to save my themes then went back to no themes format. I installed Callbar again and then went back and tried with a couple of my themes and it works for now. Not sure if order of installation of the program with Winterboard is the fix but for now it is working like a charm after 10 attempts at calling my phone.

  • mwpitt52

    Kokhean is correct. I removed Winterboard and now my ringer works with CallBar.

    • Jacob Nørgaard

      And that was why I omitted to install Winterboard in the first place. Memory hoggin’ and performance boggin’ plus all the odd bugs. Has it even been update in ages?

  • Chris

    sorry…noob question here…an early post says mobilenotifier does this and more? am i missing something or does mobilenotifier only show notifications for sms and facebook? thats all i can get to show up anyways…thanks for your answers in advance:)

  • Ritchiedagger

    Phone goes into safe mode everytime it receives a call. If winterboard is the compatibility issue why wouldnt the developers warn us before we download it? At $3.99 it should work and most likely cook me breakfast in the morning!

    • Jacob Nørgaard

      Why should he care if another program has a bug that effects his? How can anyone test all possible combinations of tweaks? Callbar works fine without the bug-ridden crashfest that is Winterboard.

  • Moreproblems

    Sbrotator dosent work after u get a call. But if u respring then it works utill u get a call.

    • Ferry

      I have the same problem.

  • tgb


  • Martin

    Sometimes makes loop ringing even after accepting incoming call in my 3GS 4.3.3 – the ring is still on during phone conversation. This issue is connected somehow to turning on and off silent mode. Has to respiring to get rid of the loop ringing.

  • MALdito

    I have a 3GS running 4.1 but it tell me that I’m “unable to purchase this product, requires iPhoneOS 4”. Whats up with that?

  • Fiesta

    Can’t work with hand free

  • probs something in settings pane, but when i get a call the notification is transparent and it is really annoying me. Anyone know how i can make it translucent again?!? much appreciated: 🙂 thanks