Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the next iPhone as much as the next guy. But this might be a little extreme. The UK’s Metro Online is reporting that somebody is already in line for the iPhone 5.

Even though the device isn’t expected for another 1-2 months, Rob Shoesmith has already set up camp outside a London Apple Store in anticipation of the new gadget. No he’s not crazy, this is actually all part of his plan…Shoesmith is a 29 year-old marketing executive from Coventry, just north of London. He currently handles public relations for the iOS app development firm, MEDL Mobile. The PR expert decided a few months ago that he was going to start camping out well ahead of schedule.

“I will be camping out on the streets of London for the launch of the iPhone 5 in a marketing and pr experiment.”

Shoesmith’s iPhone 5 Experiment has not only garnered a lot of attention, it’s also gotten him a lot of free stuff. In exchange for advertisement on his popular blog, companies have been giving him free food, gadgets, and other things to help him survive the urban camp-out.

As of this writing, Shoesmith has already acquired $1100 worth of outdoor gear, clothing, and loads of free food and gadgets. He has made it clear however, that he plans to donate any leftover goods to charity after the experiment is over.

While I’m digging the fact that he gets to live in relative luxury for free, I can’t imagine being in a tent that long. With rumors pegging the iPhone 5 to drop as late as October, it could be a long couple of months for Rob Shoesmith.

What do you think? Will he make it?

[Thanks, Mark Gurman]

UPDATE: Mr. Shoesmith gave us the heads up that he has not actually started camping out yet, and won’t until a few weeks before the expected iPhone launch. (Sorry, the pic of him already in the tent was misleading.) He is currently collecting food and other items from vendors to take with him. To keep up to date with Rob’s venture, make sure to visit his website.

  • Ian Cairns


  • Jeff

    Sleeping in a tent on the street for 2 months is “relative luxury” to you? What a sad and pathetic life you must live.

    • Joe

      No, it’s relative luxury to living in a tent for 2 month without all the gear that has been donated. That’s what the “relative” part of that statement means.

      Relative to the air conditioned office, stocked refrigerator, and comfortable house – then not so luxurious.

    • sparrow

      why do you have issue with that? the thousands of folk who live on the streets of our cities day by day with only a cardboard box, if lucky, would view any tent as a palace. compared to the alternatives it IS relative luxury.

      • Jeff

        I think you should probably look up the definitions of “relative” and “luxury” you seem to be a bit confused.

      • ur mother

        ya dude jeff right lol

    • Pieter

      What a pathetic, ignorant prick are you…

    • fhfnjmgf

      Well, he could collect money till his money bag is full, then raid the Apple Store and go home.

    • Jon Garrett

      $1,100 worth of gear for a $200 phone. plus 2 months of his life living on the street. what a looser.

  • ur mother

    wow thats a true nerd for you, but it is what it is lol, i would never do that for a iphone. but at least he will get his 15 min of fame i guess, but still very gay

    • Cameron

      Shut up his doing it for his blog! I’d like to see you camp out ANYWHERE for months!

    • Cameron

      Shut up his doing it for his blog! I’d like to see you camp out ANYWHERE for months.

  • He…will…die. Just kidding. He’ll probably just do something predictable, like give up. No shower, no (true) socialization, just a guy in a tent on a street for 2 months. Ick.

    • James

      LOL in London with all the immigrants, your not far off the mark lol, either that or he’ll end up getting bummed by a Hobo.

      • Cameron

        Shut Up Americas not so different from your description either!

      • Ins0mnihack

        WTF? Is there any moderation on this forum at all? Homophobic, racist comments and generally derogatory awful shit and and a mod hasn’t stepped in with so much as a caution.

        I may as well just type the words CUNT, ASS and FUCK since apparently anything goes here.

  • Jeff, considering the fact that there are people living on the street without money and without any free food given to them by companies, I would call this “relative luxury” too.

    • Jeff

      Well you must lead a sad and pathetic life as well.

      • Alec

        What a sad and pathetic life you must life, sitting around trolling on the internet, obviously jealous and insecure about yourself…

      • Jeff

        I am so jealous of some loser sitting in a tent for 2 months to get a phone, man do I want to be that guy so bad!

      • JeffBlowsCock

        Jeff, you are a bitch.

      • Cameron

        Jeff SHUT UP! And go do some work for your blog like this guy!

  • Watch as the iPhone 5 comes out tomorrow.

  • Na

    So there’s a guy, in a tent full of expensive gadgets. A tent. 24/7, in the street with only a zipper between his gadgets and the world. Don’t bet how long he will last, bet how long until he’s mugged. Crazy guy.

  • Do you guys realy think he would stay in the tent 100% of the time?

  • Frankie

    where is he gonna charge his laptop or his current iphone? oh right in the apple store, haha…

    I bet that guy doesnt make it until next weekend… is raining like hell here in London, windy and temperatures lower than 15 degrees (lower 60’s F my fellow americans)…

  • Hahahah 🙂

    Cool Guy!

  • rob


    It’s Rob Shoesmith here!

    I’m new to marketing and pr and am making so many new connections!

    I will make it! I won’t give up guys!

    The article is not accurate. The camp out has not started yet. Please read the blog to see the reasons and aims of the experiment.

    As for no shower I have wingmen deodorant wipes and lots of festival style washing gear 🙂

    Follow me on twitter @shoesmith81

    • Cameron

      Hey buy me an iPhone as well yeah? Thx 😀 Kidding. Hope you do well!

  • Johari

    He’s a nutcase…..hahaha…..hope he’ll survive the weather…..good luck!!

  • Godspeed.

  • Shannon

    Sa-weet!! Maybe he can get one for me too.

  • Apple should just make this guy the first non Apple employee that gets the latest phone everytime one comes out after this!! You can’t buy this kind of awareness!

  • Jenna

    Rock on!!

  • zbegon

    He’ll get a T-shirt that says “I camped out for 3 months and all I got was this lowsy iPhone 4S”.

    • Rufio

      Hahahaha +1

    • MrA


  • Sarah

    It’s crazy what people will do for an iPhone. This guy has tapped into the massive marketing influence Apple has on people and used this to his distinct advantage. Do you think he would have got this much free kit if it was for a blackberry or nokia launch?

    It’s genius! Fair play to this guy. I don’t think I could stand doing this for a day. I read his blog and it would seem he wants to make an impression in the industry. It shows dedication and grit.

    Good luck to him I say!

  • drew

    What. a no life

  • Hannah

    Drew. It would seem he is having a great time. At least its something very different.

  • Josh

    More like… FISRT!!!!1!!1!!!!!

    By the way, Jeff, I would say I feel sorry for you, but unfortunately I don’t even feel that towards you. Retards just keep coming,

  • Sam

    I don’t think there’s a rule that he can’t leave the tent, guys…

  • Free

    First in line to get the iPhone, first person to get robbed of said iPhone.

    • CJ

      +1 lol, ya get me blood !!

  • Steven


    This article is inaccurate. Please visit the following link.

    Rob has just posted to say that a blogger has misquoted his blog and that he will be the only one to announce when the iPhone 5 experiment will begin!

  • I’m down with the sickness. Buy me a plane ticket & I’ll join you.

  • DomPerignon

    This is one of the best examples of a “no-life.” The “experiment” is a stupidity.

  • Trevor t

    I disagree. Everyone is a winner. The companies who are getting exposure, apple and the guy who is camping out who will get a lot of media attention.

  • Jared

    Someone’s gotta be first, that’s cool you’re getting so much free stuff! I need to get a solar charger, how’s yours working?

  • SellyG

    Hey that is so amazing y’all I just been to London and it’s freezing 😀

  • JeffTorres

    +1 😀 Yup babe i agree

  • Trevor t

    Well he certainly has grabbed a lot of attention for his company.

  • Mike

    This is crazy and brilliant at the same time. good luck dude!

  • Rob Shoesmith

    if you want to chat with me about the experiment follow me on twitter @shoesmith81. I will answer any questions you may have! i know some people think this is nuts but hey I’m having a lot of fun. it’s been like Christmas in our house 🙂

    • Josh

      Are you REALLY Rob Shoesmith? (Dont get to excited, not like I’m asking if you’re the real Brad Pitt or some other celebrity)

  • “Shoesmith is a 29 year-old marketing executive from Coventry, just north of London” – mate, Coventry is not just north of London. it’s 100 miles between the two. I know that England is small and America huge, but still. Bring on the Iphone 5.

  • Jared

    You rock Rob! Such a great idea, good luck 🙂

  • Cameron

    @ Ins0mnihack You know what? You obviously can’t speak English so how about you shut up?

    • Ins0mnihack

      What’s that Cameron? It’s hard to understand you given I can’t speak English. In fact I’m not even speaking English now. This entire comment is incomprehensible. I obviously have no grasp of the English language whatsoever. Nor do I understand sarcasm.

      Thanks for pointing this out Cameron. I’ll go back to speaking my native language of Klingon immediately.

      • Cameron

        Oh that’s good to know! Bye Bye!

  • Steven

    What’s with the slanging match?