While the Lodsys saga with Apple and its developers drudges on, another company has decided to join in the patent troll party. This time, it’s an Indian-based company by the name of Kootol, and this time, they’re not just going after the little guys.

FOSSPatents is reporting that Kootol has distributed a press release announcing that it has sent “notices” to a long list of companies (large and small) regarding their use of Kootol’s Intellectual Property. The IP in question involves social “feeds” like you’d find in Twitter or Facebook…

Kootol’s pending patent application – yeah, it’s  still “pending,” it’s not even a patent yet – is based on a method and system for communication, advertising, searching, sharing and dynamically providing a journal feed. The company says that they have filed for patents in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

On March 30, 2011, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office issued a Notice of Allowance for Kootol’s patent application, which means that it’s more than likely to get approved soon. So who all has the company sent these “notices” to?

Kootol published a list of recipients yesterday which included every social networking service you can think of (Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, Linkedin, Foursquare, etc.), along with companies like Microsoft, Research in Motion and Apple.

And not only is the firm going after the big dogs, iOS developers like Iconfactory have also received word from Kootol that they are infringing on the aforementioned IP. The sad part is, the makers of Twitteriffic are already battling a patent-related case with Lodsys.

If you ask me, I think the out-of-date patent system needs a serious overhaul. How can Kootol file for a patent 7-8 years after most of these companies started using their “invention?” Why don’t we just shut down mobile software innovation all together?

What do you think?

  • JoBerlin

    If they ever get this patent it is going to be revoked because it’s prior art. At least I hope so. There should be a fine for filing Patents that are obviously prior art.
    Patents are a good idea because they turn inventions into money and money is the industries driving force. If new inventions are not protected why should the companies come up with new stuff. But the system needs an overhaul to prevent something like this.

  • Jon Garrett

    Im so tired of the overuse of the phrase “patent troll”

    • Jimbo

      I’m so sick of hearing the word “Suing” .. Everyone is at it these days, it is of course an American culture, “I’m going to sue my neighbour because there dog keeps pooping on my lawn” .. Doesn’t any1 want to work for their money anymore, they just want to try and sue people to make a living.

  • roumenf

    As to the current US legislation, they cannot patent prior art, because US is “first to invent” country. what they try to patent is already invented and in use. with the new proposed legal changes US will become “first to file” country, and probably they could have, if nobody has filed such patent until now.

  • Josh

    This is stupid. They cannot approve something this general. Just like you can’t get a copyright for a chord progression otherwise everyone who uses a blues format which is 50% of the US would have to pay a fee everytime they wrote a song.